ZKX Testnet by StarkWare – No Incentive for Now But…

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What is ZKX?

ZKX is a Trustless, Borderless DAO with self-custody and community governance to democratize access to global yields.

Why join this ZKX Testnet?

The protocol is powered by StarkWare, and some big names are on their investor list, including Huobi Global, Crypto.com, StarkWare, and Gate.io. We hunters can be early adopters by joining the testnet for future benefits, even though they have already stated that the testnet will not be incentivized.

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ZKX Testnet by StarkWare

ZKX Testnet

So, let’s jump to the task

Steps are:

1. Claim gETH from https://faucetlink.to/goerli

2. Go to the https://polaris.zkx.fi/

3. After connecting and linking your Metamask wallet (Goerli Testent Network), your ZKX account will be created within a few minutes

4. Go to the home page by clicking on the link in the top left menu. You will see that some amount of Testnet USD you have already received

5. Click on the Trade button or click on this link to go to the Trade page

6. Choose BTC or ETH pair for trading

7. Open a long and also short position on both pairs,

8. Scroll down and click on the Position tab to check your opened Positions

9. Close 50% amount of the position after a few minutes

10. Keep using the protocol once a week.

11. Last but not least join the ZKX Crew3 task to gain points and important Discord rolls.

12. Join our Telegram channel to get the latest updates. Thank you.

Project Highlights:

1. ZKX Official Website: https://zkx.fi/

2. Twitter: ZKX Twitter

3. Blog: ZKX Blog

4. Roadmap: ZKX Roadmap

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