PolyHedra Mainnet Alpha Potential Airdrop – Backed by Binance

Hello guys, welcome to another airdrop opportunity guide, but this time, not 100% confirmed. Why should you try the PolyHedra Mainnet Alpha Potential Airdrop? Yeah, the no 1 reason is this is a Binance-backed project, but that’s not the only reason, coming to this in detail.

What is PolyHedra Network?

Polyhedra Network provides trust-minimized and highly-efficient interoperability solutions for asset transfers, message passing, and data sharing between Web2 and Web3 systems.

Why join the polyHedra Mainnet Alpha?

Well, if you are an old RT Airdrop user, you must know that previously we received two significant airdrops from Binance-backed projects SpaceID and Hooked Protocol. People got $200 to $800. Personally, I received $400 and counting.

They didn’t announce any airdrops in the previous two projects, but we smelled something different. We engaged with the project mainnet and the rest of the history.

So, in the PolyHedra Network, the same thing is happening. We are trying to interact with the mainnet. If you want to join in this airdrop keep in mind that some real funds are needed to complete all transactions, required fee of around $2 to $3.

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PolyHedra Mainnet Alpha

PolyHedra Mainnet Alpha

Let’s jump into the steps

Steps are:

1. I hope the MM(metamask) is already with you. If not, set up a MM wallet first

2. Transfer $2 worth BNB and $1 worth MATIC from Binance to the wallet

3. Now got to the zkBridge by PolyHedra and connect wallet > Select a blockchain: BNB

4. Click Request > Complete transaction. “Congratulations! You have received NFT on BNB Chain .”

5. Click zkBridge NFT > Click Confirm import > Next

6. Set Receiver Blockchain: PolyGon > Next > Approve > Transfer > Confirm on Wallet

7. Click Claim > Switch Network to PolyGon > Claim via PolyGon Network (Fee: $0.07)

8. Now go to the Messenger tab > Select network: BNB Chain to Fantom

9. Send Message > Confirm Transaction >

Select Network BNB Chain to Gnosis Chain Send Message > Confirm Transaction

Select Network BNB Chain to Moonbeam Chain Send Message > Confirm Transaction

10. That’s it for today.

Must join our Telegram channel to get future updates of this airdrop. Thank you.

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