Goal3 LockDrop Airdrop Event – Confirmed Reward – End in 2 Days

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What is Goal3?

Goal3 is more than just a betting platform – it`s a revolutionary experience that combines the power of blockchain technology with the speed and efficiency of the zkSync Era Ethereum layer 2.

Why join this Goal3 LockDrop Airdrop?

Goal 3 is not a very big project, but zkSync mentioned the project on Twitter. And the protocol was audited by Certik

Goal3 is offering early supporters and community members the chance to earn Goal3’s native tokens fairly by locking up capital for a specified period. The minimum commitment is 10 USDC/DAI and the tokens will serve as the backstop liquidity for the sportsbook on Mainnet. $GOAL3 will be claimable after the token launches on DEXes.

Goal3 LockDrop has Only 2 Phases & currently, phase 1 is going on which is going to end on 16th April.

Goal3 LockDrop Airdrop

Join ZKX Testnet by StarkWare

Goal3 LockDrop Airdrop

How to join?

Steps are:

1. To get started, we need real funds on zkSync Network, so if you don’t have much, bridge some ETH from another network using zkSync Official Bridge or other bridges.

2. I have already used the official bridge (important for zkSync airdrops, not this one), and now I’m going to use LayerSwap.io.for low fees

3. It cost me around $3 to bridge Arbitrum to zkSync Era Mainnet using LayerSwap

4. Now go to https://syncswap.xyz/swap and swap a minimum of $10.1 of USDC

5. The fee was around $3, but I got a refund of $1.76

6. After that, go to the Goal3 Lockdrop page and connect the wallet, I found a premium invite code gacrypto of someone, and use it for an additional 20% boost

7. There was an issue that occurred. My USDC balances for 3 months are not showing, even though I want to lock in for 3 months. As you may see in the screenshot, I have had to go for six months now, so I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not.

8. Type $10 > Approve > Lock

9. Your locked funds will be unlocked once the Lock Phase has ended. For unlock mechanism check this official article, The event will end on 16th April 2023.

10 Join our Telegram channel for further updates.

Project Highlights:

1. Goal3 Official Website: https://zkx.fi/

2. Twitter: Goal3 Twitter

3. Discord: Goal3 Discord

4. Blog: Goal3 Blog

5. Doc: https://docs.goal3.xyz/

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