zkSync Paymaster: Must use this method to Increase Airdrop Eligibility

With the zkSync airdrop snapshot approaching, we need to start thinking outside the box like zkSync Paymaster, especially considering the millions of users who have joined since the launch.

According to Dune data, there are more than 6 million wallets created on the zkSync Network. That’s an incredibly large number!

Here, I’m talking about Paymaster on zkSync. If you haven’t started using it yet, start now.

Maybe the snapshot is on February 29th or later. Keep grinding until the official announcement, and hold at least 0.01 ($30) on the wallet until the snapshot.

I don’t like to waste time, so just read a line casually explaining what Paymaster is, and let’s start doing transactions.

What is Paymaster?

It is a smart contract-based system that ensures that instead of users paying the fees, these fees are undertaken by a third party (Paymaster).

Rabby Wallet by DeBank already introduced a points system, are you farming?

How to use zkSync Paymaster?

Hope you already have ETH in your wallet. Now, visit SyncSwap and connect your wallet, then switch the network to zkSync.

Use other DEXes too, like Mute or Velocore I am using SyncSwap, for example.

We will use other tokens as gas fees on the zkSync network instead of Ethereum.

Click on the gas icon to see which tokens we can use as gas.

I will use three different tokens: USDC, HOLD, and LIBERTAS (most important).

So, first, swap those three tokens for a minimum of $3$5.

Swap $3 worth of ETH for LIBERTAS and set LIBERTAS as the gas token by clicking the Paymaster Menu. Then start swapping other tokens.

Using the same process, swap USDC and HOLD.

Now, start swapping ETH to USDC/USDT or other tokens to generate volume and use Paymaster to pay gas fees.

Hope you understand the technical aspects and have started doing transactions. All the best, guys. Keep rocking!

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