Dop Quiz Answer — Road to Mainnet — Week 4, 3 and 2

DOP Mainnet is just a few miles away. Don’t underestimate this Binance-backed project. Join the 4th Week Campaign using our Dop Quiz Answer to be one step ahead for the mainnet.

Dop Quiz Answer

Dop Quiz Answer

Road to Mainnet — Week 4

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Period: 2024/02/20 – 2024/02/27

Quiz: DOP for Safety: Enhancing Blockchain

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Question 1: How do ‘dirty’ assets typically find their way into regular wallets?

Ans: B. By random airdrops or intentional transfers by bad actors

Question 2: What is one of the problems that DOP addresses?

Ans: B. Receiving ‘dirty’ assets without knowing

Question 3: What happens when a wallet is flagged as ‘dirty’?

Ans: C. The wallet is at risk of being blocked from exchanges

Question 4: What technology does DOP utilize to validate transactions without revealing underlying data?

Ans: A. zk-SNARKs and ECDSA

Question 5: What are ‘smart bouncers”?

Ans: C. Smart contract guards preventing DOP from ‘dirty’ assets

Question 6: How do smart bouncers work in the DOP ecosystem?

Ans: C. They check the sender’s wallet and assets for any red flags

Question 7: Why do users turn to DOP for security?

Ans: D. To ensure their wallets are never flagged as ‘dirty’

Question 8: What is one benefit users gain by using DOP?

Ans: C. Protection from receiving illicit transactions

Question 9: Which statement best describes the role of Chainalysis in the DOP ecosystem?

Ans: B. Chainalysis ensures no ‘dirty’ assets enter the ecosystem

Question 10: What do users need to do to ensure they receive clean assets?

Ans: C. Provide their DOP wallet address for transactions

Question 11: Why might a wallet be flagged as ‘dirty”?

Ans:: B. Because of suspicious or criminal activity associated with it

Question 12: What date did we hit 1M Followers on X?

Ans: C. Feb 8th 2024

Question 13: What date does Galxe – Road to Mainnet end?

Ans: B. Tuesday Feb 27th 2024

Question 14: Every Saturday we post a series of Educational posts, what are they called?

Ans: A. DOP Master Series

Question 15: In what country did we recently host a DOP event?

Ans: A. Japan


Quiz: Are you a DOP expert?

Question 1: What tokens does DOP support?

Ans: C. ERC20, ERC721 & ERC1115

Question 2: Who from the DOP team was interviewed by CryptoOGs? (hint: search in DOP’s YouTube)

Ans: B. Mike & Matan

Question 3: What testnet feature was NOT highlighted in DOP’s first-ever Linkedin post?

Ans: D. Access to selective transparency

Question 4: Based on DOP’s Medium article published on September 14, which of the following is NOT one of the reasons DOP is needed?

Ans: B. Ensuring your wallet isn’t marked ‘tainted”

Question 5: What are the exact words DOP uses in its blog post about tainted crypto to advise how to best protect yourself?

Ans: B. The best course of action to take is to prevent your wallet from receiving compromised crypto in the first place.

Question 6: What links can you find in DOP’s linktree?

Ans: A. Website, Galxe, Testnet, X (Twitter), TG, Medium, YouTube, Linkedin, Testnet FAQ

Question 7: How many official English TG groups does DOP have?

Ans: C. 2: community chat and announcements channel

Question 8: What continent was the last one to have users join the testnet from?

Ans: D. Antarctica

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Road to Mainnet — Week 3

2024/02/14 –2024/02/28


Question 1: What is the main challenge that larger and established businesses face when considering the use of cryptocurrencies in their day-to-day financial operations?
Ans: B. Over-transparency

Question 2: Why might businesses want to accept payments in crypto?
Ans: A. To attract and retain tech-savvy customers

Question 3: Why do businesses want to encrypt their assets when using crypto?
Ans: B. To comply with legal requirements and/or internal policies

Question 4: What is DOP’s main purpose?
Ans: A. To redefine data ownership

Question 5: What does ‘selective transparency’ mean?
Ans: D. Choosing what data to disclose and keep private

Question 6: How does DOP benefit business users operating in crypto?
Ans: C. By giving full data ownership and selective transparency

Question 7: What does DOP allow users to choose regarding their data?
Ans: B. Who can view their data and when

Question 8: Why do businesses use DOP?
Ans: C. To keep data confidential while staying compliant

Question 9: What are the on-chain benefits of DOP or business?
Ans: D. Lower transaction fees and greater throughput

Question 10: What does DOP work with currently, and what is its future integration plan?
Ans: B. DOP works with Ethereum and MetaMask, planning to become chain- agnostic and integrate with most wallets

Question 11: What does DOP advocate for regarding data stewardship?
Ans: B. Selective transparency

Question 12: Why is proving the legitimacy of funds important for businesses using crypto in Web3?
Ans: C. To prevent money laundering and fraud

Question 13: How does DOP address the challenge of proving the legitimacy of funds while maintaining privacy?
Ans: C. By offering a middle ground between privacy and transparency

Question 14: How many official X (Twitter) community accounts does DOP own? (incl. the main account)
Ans: D. 5

Question 15: How many users did DOP celebrate recently that completed the testnet?
Ans: A. 1M users

Week 2

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2024/02/06 –2024/02/27

Question 1: What is the main issue addressed by DOP?
And. Over-transparency

Question 2: Why do individuals in Web3 want to encrypt their assets?
Ans. To protect sensitive financial information

Question 3: What is NOT a reason for individuals wanting to showcase their assets?
Ans. Wanting to receive targeted crypto ads

Question 4: What is the transparency vs privacy dilemma?
Ans. Users disagree on the extent of transparency and privacy

Question 5: What does selective transparency mean?
Ans. Deciding which data to encrypt and share

Question 6: What is the primary benefit of DOP for individual users?
Ans. Full data ownership

Question 7: What does DOP enable users to do with their financial data?
Ans. Choose what to display and to whom

Question 8: Currently, which blockchain does DOP work with?
Ans. Ethereum

Question 9: What date did DOP reach 100K X followers?
Ans. 17th December 2023

Question 10: In what country did DOP host a December Christmas?
Ans. Philippines

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