Over Protocol OBT Season 2 – Open Beta Testnet S2

This time, the Over Protocol OBT Season 2 is open to everyone, unlike Season 1, which was only for those who had at least 10,000 points on the Over Wallet App.

The OBT S2 is set to start on the 13th of March 2024 at 5 AM UTC sharp.

Over Protocol OBT Season 2

Over Protocol OBT Season 2 Guide

Last Updated Time: 14.03.2024 6 PM UTC / 11:30 PM IST

The total testnet task is divided into two parts: one for mobile users and the second for node runners (by the way, mobile users can also participate in this part).

In the first part, which started at 5:30 AM UTC on March 13th, you need to update our Over Wallet mobile app, save OverWallet’s Recovery Key, and start staking with the testnet token that you will receive. This is called Palm Staking.

In this part, Palm-Staking is free to join for everyone who is using the app, and you don’t need to worry too much because the task is the same as what you already do with staking every day.

The update has arrived.

Open your Over app > Click Update > Open after updating > Type your registered email > Accept terms > Verify email by clicking the link from your email inbox.

Type a recovery password (write it down somewhere) > Claim one-time grants of 500 OVER and keep claiming daily grants for 10 OVER.

The OverLoad is causing issues with email verification.😁

Watch this short for Palm Staking

I will update the more details once they are published. Keep checking our TG Channel.

Now, in the second part, you will need to run a node application like you did in Season 1. Don’t worry if you are a new user.

This will start from the 14th of March at 5 AM UTC.

If any of you joined Over Protocol’s OBT Season 1, you may recall there were some restrictions regarding faucets, which is why many faced issues activating the node.

In Season 2, every OVER app user will receive some testnet tokens every day, as per the announcement. Additionally, those who have never used the Over app before can also participate in Season 2 by acquiring a faucet link from any friends.

This campaign will run for a month, so you will need to run a node application for the month.

I already mentioned this before Season 1; let’s answer the question once more.

The first question: Is it FREE or PAID?

The answer is both. If you have your PC (Windows/Mac), you can run it for free if your PC configuration is equal to or above:

Storage: 128 GB SSD
And constant internet

But you have to be online 24/7 because offline mode will affect your rank, score, and airdrop amount. 😉 And sometimes, it needs a perfect location to give the best performance.

So, I prefer renting a VPS over a Local PC; it will cost less than $15.

Some people get scared when they hear about VPS, but it’s easy. You can even operate it from a mobile device.

The testnet node will start on 14th March at 5 AM UTC.

So, set up your VPS before the 14th. I’ve recorded my screen while setting up the VPS. Maybe it will help you create your VPS account.

Visit PQ Hosting and create an account. Use the code TAXI to get an additional discount. Watch this video for a step-by-step guide.

Choose Windows 11 while selecting OS

(Note: The above link is my affiliate link, which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase a VPS via this link. You won’t be charged extra for this.)

I made a video guide from scratch on the Over Node Setup, from renting a VPS to full installation.

If you haven’t installed yet, you can watch this:

If your QR scan is not working, uninstall the Over Wallet app from your mobile and install it again to try.

Send/Receive 1 OVER every 24 hours.

Send me(0xe652eb9f7B18d72aEAF06e119422585B1548abd0), and I will do the same.


Q: I am running the OverNode on a VPS, if I shut down my PC is there any problem?
A: Nope, The VPS is a separate computer, It is no problem if you shut down your local PC, the node will be constantly running, but you have to log in every day to the VPS to ensure the node is not crashed.

Q: Are there any eligibilities for participation in OBT Season 2?
A: Anyone who is using OverWallet can participate.

Q. Does participation require a PC, or can mobile users also participate in Season 2?
A: You can participate either via mobile for Palm-staking (OverWallet) or via PC for Home-staking (OverNode), or both.

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