(M1 – 20)Supra Oracle Quiz Answers – Earn 1000 $SUPRA token for free

The RT Airdrops are offering the Supra Oracle Quiz Answers for users who, like us, enjoy airdrops. The BlastOff missions are interesting ways to join in and earn SUPRA tokens.

Here, we will explore all Supra Oracle Missions and assist in taking off to earn crates every week. Please stay with us to discover new quiz answers every week.

What is Supra Oracle?

Supra Oracle is an advanced blockchain project created by the Entropy Foundation. It’s leading the way in multi-helix ledger technology and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications, with a team of experts in cryptography and decentralized finance.

Why should you participate in the Supra Oracle BlastOff Mission Quiz?

They have officially announced an airdrop for the community, with a total of 400 million SUPRA tokens up for grabs. By participating in this BlastOff mission, you can earn crates. Inside these crates, you’ll discover either tokens or stars, which allow you to level up.

More stars equal a higher level and a higher allocation of airdrop tokens.

Make sure to visit this page every week to find new Supra Oracle BlastOff mission answers.

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Supra Oracle Airdrop

Supra Oracle Quiz Answers

How to participate in the Supra Oracle BlastOff missions?

1. Visit the Supra Oracle official airdrop joining page

2. Click on Get Started to sign up on the platform, check restricted countries, and Continue

3. Enter email, and password > Continue > Verify email address

4. The most important step is to do KYC (Know Your Customer). Yes, KYC is needed to get rid of bots and reward real people

5. Right now, the KYC onboarding process is stopped for most people. You will get an email for verification in a few days

6. Once your verification is done, visit the BlastOff mission page and start answering all the mission quizzes from Mission 1 to Mission 17, one by one.

Supra Oracle Mission Answers

Supra Mission 20 Answers:

Q. How does Supra’s HyperNova benefit multi-chain gaming?

Ans. It can expand the player pool across different blockchains

Q. How does Supra’s HyperNova provide beyond just bridging assets in Web3?

Ans. Universal translation and communication between blockchains

Q. How does Supra’s HyperNova transform Web3?

Ans. By cryptographically connecting blockchains and their communities across Web3

Supra Mission 19 Answers:

Q. How does Supra HyperNova impact the risk-reward equation for cross-chain DeFi traders?

Ans. It levels the playing field by removing conventional bridge-related risks

Q. How does Supra HyperNova benefit DeFi traders in cross-chain scenarios?

Ans. By preserving the security guarantees of the source chain

Q. How does Supra HyperNova achieve cross-chain interoperability without compromising security?

Ans. By translating the source chain’s proof into a universally verifiable proof

Supra Mission 18 Answers:

Q. What is the primary advantage of Supra’s HyperNova over traditional bridges in cross-chain transactions?

Ans. It preserves Layer 1 security guarantees through the entire transaction cycle

Q. Where does HyperNova’s cross-chain bridgeless technology get its security from?

Ans. The cryptographic proofs of the origin chain’s consensus as well as Supra’s consensus

Q. Can you send assets to more than one chain via HyperNova in a single transaction?

Ans. Yes, you can easily send assets to more than one chain

Supra Mission 17 Answers:

Q. What are bridges used for?

Ans. To move between two unique blockchains

Q. How much value was stolen from bridges in 2022 alone?

Ans. Over $2 billion USD

Q. Unidentified!

Ans. Bridges between two or more unique blockchains.

Supra Oracle Mission 16 Answers:

Q. How much can SNAP affiliates make?

Ans. There’s No limit

Q. How are the affiliate earnings paid out?

Ans. Partly in USDC and partly in $SUPRA

Q. Which projects can be referred by SNAP Affiliates?

Ans. Any project on available networks

Supra Oracle Mission 15 Answer:

Q. How much discount does SNAP offer dApps for the first 6 months?

Ans. 100% Off


Q. What is the purpose of randomization in DORA?

Ans. It secures the protocol from manipulation


Q. Which of the following is true about the impact of Supra VRF on Web3 gaming?

Ans. Enabling unfair advantages for select players


Q. How does Supra VRF achieve a decentralized process?

Ans. By utilizing a threshold signature generated by a randomized VRF committee


Q. Why is randomness important in Web3?

Ans. Unpredictable, unbiased, verifiable


Q. Why is cross-chain interoperability challenging?

Ans. All of the above


Q. How does Supra make DeFi better?

Ans. All of the above


Q. What is the purpose of agreement distance in DORA?

Ans. To ensure accuracy in the final result.


Q. What is the Tick-Start protocol of DORA?

Ans. A method to start a new round of agreement without waiting for earlier rounds to finish.


Q. Which of the following is responsible for keeping DORA secure and consistently blazing fast?

Ans. All of the above


Q. Which NFTs in the metaverse need Supra’s speed, accuracy, and fast finality to change with real world events?

Ans. Dynamic NFTs


Q. What is Supra’s security method that delivers better oracle decentralization, scalability, and performance?

Ans. Tribes and clans randomization method


Q. Can nodes reverse transaction finality before they’re written on Supra?

Ans. Blocks on Supra cannot be reversed after they are finalized


Q. Which of the following is NOT true about Supra compared to other oracles?

Ans. Supra’s performance and security are at par with other oracles


Q. What kind of data do oracles help smart contracts access on the blockchain?

Ans. All of the above

Important Links:

1. Supra Oracle Official Website: https://supraoracles.com/

2. Supra Oracle Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SupraOracles

3. Supra Oracle Discord: https://discord.com/invite/supraoracles

4. Blog: Check Here

In summary, Supra Oracle Quiz Answers is an innovative way to engage users and provide them with valuable rewards and knowledge about the Supra Oracle project.

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