Nubit Incentivized Testnet Light Node Deploy without Coding

Nubit is getting a lot of hype. Two phases of the Nubit incentivized testnet are already running.

You can join Phase 1 and collect 3,000 points by completing social tasks.

Nubit Incentivized Testnet

and earn 3,000 more points by joining Phase 2.

Here, you can get a simple guide to join the Testnet Light Node without coding.

…and even at zero cost if you are new to crypto airdrops and don’t have much funds to buy a VPS.

How to join the Nubit incentivized testnet?

Phase 1:

First, download and install the Keplr Wallet if you don’t have it.

Then, go to, connect your Keplr wallet, and complete the social tasks (Twitter follow, Discord join, and Telegram channel join). You will receive 3,000 points.


Phase 2:

Go to and create an account using your email address.

Then, click on the Wallet icon and add a minimum of $4.80 via crypto payment.

Now, go to the Dashboard page and purchase a Nubit Node slot. Use this coupon code to get an additional 5% off.

Coupon Code: MXXGOV

Watch this short video to understand how to purchase a slot :

Now Wait for the node to get Deployed.

Once your node shows as “Deployed” on the “Active Node” Page, click on the “🔑 “ icon in the right-most side of our subscription row to retrieve the following key information:

Address: This is your Nubit wallet address.

Seed Phrase: This is your Nubit wallet seed phrase.

Public Key: This is your Node’s public key. Keep it safe.

Again, visit and connect your Keplr Wallet.

Then, paste the public key you saved from the Rapidnode website for the Nubit node. Click Verify, and you will receive another 3,000 points for running the node.

The Phase 2 Light Node campaign will last 1 month, so you don’t need to renew your plan.

Phase 3 will start in a few days. I will update here and also in my Telegram channel. So join ASAP.

Till then, keep collecting Nubit from the faucet:

If you read carefully, I said you can also run your node for free if you…

Yes, it’s true.


Connect a new wallet (must)

  1. Add your email, Telegram username, and the promo code BACKDROPBUILD
  2. You will receive a $10 credit for free
  3. Now, purchase a Nubit node slot using that credit

🙏🙏Please don’t exploit or misuse the platform by creating multiple accounts.🙏🙏

That’s it for now.

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