(Claim Updated)SEI Network Atlantic-2 Testnet : Collect SUNKEN TRESURE NFT

A few days ago Sei Network also gave two more NFTs to join Atlantic-1 Testnet. Now they have come up with a new NFT for their next stage of testnet which is SEI Network Atlantic-2 Testnet.

They haven’t said anything about the airdrop from their end but currently, their project valuation is $400m, so we can expect a decent airdrop from them.

What is the SEI Network?

In short, Sei is the first Layer 1 specialized for trading as they mentioned on Twitter.

This is their final testnet before the mainnet launch. Let’s see how to complete the tasks of this testnet and claim the final NFT.

Phase 1 of the Sunken Treasure NFT campaign will run from 1 pm PDT March 15th to 1 pm PDT March 25th.

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SEI Network Atlantic-2 Testnet

SEI Network Atlantic-2 Testnet

Let’s jump Into the testnet

Steps are:

1. To interact we need the Keplr wallet, so first, add the extension to your browser

2. Next, go to the Sei Network faucet website connect wallet. it will automatically add Set Network detail to your wallet

3. Now fill in the address field and claim the faucet. Alternatively, you can use their official discord to receive faucet tokens

4. Then go to the Staking option, select one by one validator, and complete a minimum of 25 transaction

5. You can mint a new Sunken Treasure NFT after the completion of every 25 transactions

7. After claiming, gift it to someone, yes that is part of the testnet task. (You can send me at sei12jpzrkw0f4x9tkrcr7fwdxfcvr7ynxvhdm89pq).

8. That’s it. Repeat the above steps if you wish.

9. Join RT Airdrops’ telegram channel to get the latest updates.

04.04.2023 Update

Now time to claim the Sei Sunken Treasure NFT

Select Sei network on your Keplr Wallet > Go to the Treasure Claim Link > Connect wallet > Click Claim > Open

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