Fileverse Potential Airdrop | Try Beta & Claim Early NFT

If you are an old RT Airdrop visitor, you must have participated in the NuLink Airdrop. Fileverse came with the same feature and is now only in testnet mode. Be an early adopter by interacting with the protocol and claiming early NFt as proof of use. Fileverse Potential Airdrop.

What is Fileverse?

We all use GDrive to share files like images, documents, videos, etc. Fileverse is doing the same job but in a decentralized way.

File-sharing and access management are essential on the Internet, and Fileverse gives everyone the ability to store and share content using a Web3 tech stack securely.

Why join Filesverse?

14,000 supporters from the Gitcoin & Ethereum communities.

Fileverse Potential Airdrop

Fileverse Potential Airdrop

Let’s jump into the steps

Steps are:

Setup Wallet:

1. We need a metamask wallet to interact with the protocol and the protocol is only available on the Gnosis chain. Therefore, we need to add the Gnosis Chain network to the metamask.

Go to the Chainlist website > Connect wallet > Add to metamask > Switch Network

dApp Tasks:

2. Go to the Fileverse dApp URL > Click on Create My Portal > Click Gnosis on the Pick Your Chain tab and connect metamask

3. Click on the Create Portal button sign on Wallet

4. Click on Download Keys

5. Go to Settings and update your profile details

6. Back to Home Page > Browse any file > Upload any image > Click on Public

7. Sign the transaction via Wallet > Copy the file-sharing link > Send anyone or use another chrome tab to view

8. Add 1 or more files in public and private mode to try both feature

9. Click Files > Click Home > Scroll Down > Click Whiteboard from Plugin tab

10. Draw anything you like > Add name > Click Publish > Make Private or Public > Sign

11. Click on Claim Free Storage > Complete simple tasks to increase storage size

Collect NFT:

12. Click View as member > Become a member click here > Skip > Collet & Join

13. That’s it for now. Keep using it every 2 weeks to keep the attachment. Join our Telegram Channel to stay updated

Project Highlights:

1. Fileverse Official Website:

2. Twitter: Fileverse Twitter

3. Gitcoin Link: Filesverse gitcoin page


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