Pixels Airdrop for 20k Player – Complete Guide & Gameplay

We love receiving airdrops, but getting airdrops while playing a game is more exciting. This October Pixels Airdrop program is about to give airdrop to their top 20,000 players.

Pixels is a fun game based on the blockchain network. Having good backend support like OpenSea and Animoca Brands, they raised a good amount of funds.

Pixels will launch their tokens, PIXEL, and BERRY, very soon. People will receive both tokens via airdrops as the team mentioned. The top 20,000 player snapshot will be taken by 31st October.

So, let’s get into the details about how to join the Pixels airdrop.

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Pixels Airdrop Program

Pixels Airdrop Program

How to Join the Pixels Airdrop Program?

1. Go to the Pixels Airdrop participation link

2. Now connect your metamask wallet to the BSC network

3. Now go to Premint, and then Register on Premint

4. Click Login To Register

5. Now connect the wallet again on the Premint website

6. Connect Twitter, and Discord, and complete the like or retweet task to continue

7. Okay, the first task is done. Now come back in a few minutes on the airdrop page and you can see you have received 1500 points

8. So now click on the Play Now button to start gameplay

How to complete tasks using gameplay on Pixels?

In the first game let’s complete Barney’s Quest. After completing every level you will receive 500 points and that will increase your rank in the leaderboard

Here is the video tutorial on the Pixels Barney’s Quest gameplay

Next, complete the Pixels Troubled Past Quest task

In number three complete the Pixels Mazerunner Quest

Next, Pixels Lian the Master Appeasing the Master Quest

Number five Pixels Wild Goose Chase Quest

Besides this, play games like farming, cooking, etc to earn more points daily.

Go to the Headquarters Land for farming to save tax

Buy seeds from the marketplace

Project Info:

1. Pixels Official Website: https://Pixels.xyz

2. Pixels Twitter: Pixels_online

2. Pixels BSC Scan:

3. Pixels Whitepaper: Here

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