Crypto WODL Binance Answer Today: November 2022

Hello guys, It has been a long time since Binance launched Bitcoin Button Game. With NFT collected from that button game, all of us can enter various Binance giveaways. Now this time we have another season with new surprises called WODL. And we are discussing Crypto WODL Binance Answer Today.

Crypto WODL – a new mini-game introduced by Binance News. Where we can earn free crypto rewards by guessing the correct words.

Every week Crypto WODL comes with a new topic and every 14 hours a new game. In several weeks we will have a chance to win rewards like BUSD, SKL, BNB, etc.

So, what is the Binance Crypto Wodl answer for today?

There are 5-15 answers for all the different length words, such as EIF, WEI, GAS, and SBT for three letters. Below is a list of all the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8-letter answers.

We know that we can play games twice a day(new game every 14 hours), but the first game is free, and the second game is also free, but to get a chance to play twice a day, we have to share the news with our friends.

Crypto WODL Binance Answer Today

Crypto WODL Binance Answer Today NEBL

How to join the Binance Crypto WODL game?

1. At first we need a Binance account, without an account on Binance we cannot enter the game. so if you have one, log in first

2. To create a new Binance account VISIT HERE (use my referral code to get a 10% discount on the trading fee)

3. The 2nd step is KYC. Without completing KYC we can’t receive rewards if we won a game.

4. Now we have a completely suitable account to play

5. Open the Binance App

6. Click on the WODL banner from the homepage or click the ‘more’ button

Binance WODL

7. Scroll down and click on the WODL option

Binance Crypto WODL

8. Now the main part: every week comes a new theme and based on the theme, we have to read news and guess related words.

This week’s theme is “NFTs

How to play the Binance Crypto WODL?

Crypto WODL

There will be a WODL table; we need to note the number of cells in each row. In the example above, the correct word is eight letters if the total number of cells is eight. The answer will be 7 letters if there are 7 cells, 6 letters if there are 6 cells, etc.

If we won the game 5 time times in a week then we will be eligible for a share of the reward.

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Reward details

The Latest activity period starts on 2022-11-17 at 00:00 (UTC) and ends on 2022-11-13 at 23:59 (UTC).

The total reward pool is worth $25,000 in NEBL token vouchers. Participants will receive a share of the pool who answer five-time correctly In the promotion period.

For new users:

In between the promotion week, the first 1200 users who sign up on Binance using this referral link and complete KYC before 2022-11-13 23:59 (UTC) will get a share of the pool of $5,000 in NEBL token vouchers as a special bonus.

Binance Crypto WODL Today’s Answer

Here are the Crypto WODL Binance Answer 8 letters:


Here are the Crypto WODL Binance Answer 7 letters:


Here are the Crypto WODL Binance Answer 6 letters:


Here are the Crypto WODL Binance Answer 5 letters:


Here are the Crypto WODL Binance Answer 4 letters:


Here are the Crypto WODL Binance Answer 3 letters:


Terms & Conditions:

1. Rewards will only be awarded to users who complete KYC before the end of the activity period.

2. A user can play up to two WODL games per day. After the first game, click “Get A New WODL” and share any top news from the day on social media to unlock the second WODL. Once the shared link is clicked, the sharing is considered successful.

3. Binance will use the NEBL/USDT exchange rate of 2.5514 for rewards distribution.

4. All rewards will be distributed within one week after the end of the event as a token voucher, User can check via the Rewards Center option on the Binance app.


Today we discovered how to join and play the new game Crypto WODL. I wish all of our readers will receive a good amount of reward from the game.

If you have any doubts about this process please comment below, I will be happy to help you. If you love to earn free crypto please join our RT Airdrops channel on telegram.


What is the Crypto WODL?

Crypto WODL is a crypto-based wordplay game introduced by Binance News. Where people can earn free crypto rewards every week by guessing the correct word.

Can I receive the reward in my Trust Wallet?

You can redeem your reward by visiting the Reward Center section on your Binance Account. Then you can transfer it to the Trust Wallet.

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