XEN Crypto Airdrop Program: Detail Guide to Claim & Sell

Xen Crypto airdrop program is a part of the newly launched XEN Network. XEN Crypto’s mission is to become a community-building crypto resource that connects like-minded individuals.

The protocol is built on the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain and ultimately Polygon, BSC, and PulseChain.

As a universal cryptocurrency, XEN aims to achieve blockchain’s core goals, which include decentralization, transparency, peer-to-peer value exchange, and self-custody. With its unique tokenomics, it provides the lowest barrier to entry compared to the rest of today’s coins.

In the early days of launch, The XEN network airdropping their tokens to users who interact with protocol via mint.

XEN Crypto Airdrop Program

XEN Crypto Airdrop

Reward Details:

In Xen airdrops, the reward depends on when the user first starts the mint and how long they hold the coin.

XEN Crypto Contract Address:

  • 0x06450dEe7FD2Fb8E39061434BAbCFC05599a6Fb8 (ETH)
  • 0x2AB0e9e4eE70FFf1fB9D67031E44F6410170d00e (BSc)
  • 0x2AB0e9e4eE70FFf1fB9D67031E44F6410170d00e (Polygon)

How to Join the XEN Crypto Airdrop Program?

1. Go to the XEN Crypto Airdrop participation link

2. Connect your ETH or BSC wallet (use a new wallet for safety purposes)

3. Due to the huge number of users who started joining in the last few days via the ETH network, the gas fees slightly increased around 28-30 GWEI

4. In this case we will use BSC wallet to lower the fees, polygon is also available

5. So, after connecting the BSC wallet, now click on MINT and then START MINTING

6. Choose the Term, Days as your choice like how many days long you want to keep the token minting process, more days will increase profit.

XEN Crypto Airdrop

7. Then confirm the transaction by paying a small fee

8. Click ‘Add XEN to Wallet’ to add the token contact to your wallet

9. Now come back after the days you have chosen for mint, and check for tokens on your wallet

If you want to stake your XEN tokens simply click on the STAKE option from the menu and start staking

How to Sell XEN Crypto tokens?

The BXEN token is now available to swap on PancakeSwap and is also listed on the Huobi

1. Create an account on Huobi Exchange

2. Complete KYC

3. Go to the wallet section on the exchange > Deposit > Search BXEN > Copy deposit address

4. Then transfer your tokens from your BSC wallet to Huobi and sell.

The most important: Don’t send money/crypto to anyone to claim any airdrop. and secondly, don’t send/submit the Seed Phrase/Private key to claim any airdrop. if any company claims this information from you they are 100% scammer.

Project Info:

1. XEN Crypto Official Website: https://xen.network/

2. XEN Crypto Twitter: mrjacklevin

2. XEN Crypto BSC Scan: Check here

3. Whitepaper: PDF

4. XEN Crypto on PancakeSwap: BXEN/BUSD

5. XEN on Huobi: BXEN/USDT

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