Exciting Perpetual DEX Airdrops on the Way: Don’t Miss Out!

Perpetual DEX airdrops are not new in the market. You may be familiar with names like DYDX or GMX, which currently dominate the PERP market.

Given thousands of dollars in airdrops already.

The latest example is Aevo. The Aevo airdrop has been confirmed, and the Binance listing is also confirmed. The latest snapshot was taken today, on the 7th of March.

I’m here to share a few upcoming airdrop opportunities. There’s no need to complete KYC on any of these platforms.

However, trading in the futures market is always risky. That’s why I recommend trading on two platforms simultaneously.

This means that we can farm two platforms simultaneously by dividing our funds between them and opening a long position on one and a short position on the other platform.

This way, fees will be lower as well. For the detailed fee table, please refer to the bottom of this post.

Taker Fees = Market Order and Maker Fees = Limit Order fees.

Best Upcoming Perpetual DEX Airdrops

💠 Flash Trade:

We discussed Drift and Zeta Market a long time ago. They did very well by giving airdrop allocation to users. Many received many tokens for just a few dollars in fees spent.

After those two platforms, there’s only one platform likely left for a potential airdrop on the Solana chain: Flash Trade.

An airdrop is already confirmed for the token launch. In the document, they mention the token launch, with no exact date announced, but they did mention there will be an allocation for their NFT holders.

Also, community matters, so the allocation must be for traders as well.

People get Voltage Points for trading, liquidity, and referrals,

10$ of Cumulative trading — 1 Voltage Point
1$ in earned fees as LP — 50 VP
1$ in earned rebates from your referral link — 250 VP

Trading fees are 0.08%.

The NFT price is above 5 Sol.

Start Here: https://beast.flash.trade/

And for more details, please visit their documentation pages.

Perpetual DEX Airdrops

💠 KiloEx: The Binance-backed perpetual DEX KiloEx is the number one derivative exchange on the opBNB Blockchain. The airdrop has already been confirmed with 100 million KILO tokens.

The total number of users is above 100,000, but the number of active users is less than 15,000.

KiloEx Stats

I have mentioned this name many times in my Telegram channel and participated in almost all campaigns until now. I have made $140k of volume and stacked above 5.5k points.

I have already published a detailed post on KiloEx; you must check it out if you have not joined yet.

Fee Details: Flat 0.1% of trade volume.

Fees%at $1k Volat $2kat $4kat $6kat $12kat $25kat $50kat $100k
Taker fees0.1$1246122550100
Maker fees0.1$1246122550100

💠 HyperLiquid: The second PERP dex that I farm most is HyperLiquid, HyperLiquid sits in the top position in the Perpetual market among all the platforms(Source: DefiLlama).

The best part is you won’t be charged a trading fee if you open your trades through limit orders and using this code “4OFF” as the referral code you will earn a 4% rebate as a cashback on every trade.

Hyperliquid will distribute 1,000,000 points weekly for six months starting Nov 1, rewarding users contributing to the protocol.

Fee Details: (-) equal to rebates.

Fees%at $1k Volat $2kat $4kat $6kat $12kat $25kat $50kat $100k
Taker fees0.0250.250.501.001.5036.2512.525
Maker fees-0.002-0.02-0.04-0.08-0.12-0.24-0.5-1-2

💠 (Airdrop Distributed)Zeta Market: As Solana started rising again, the hype around its ecosystem airdrops increased. It began with JTO (given $20k in airdrops), PYTH ($2k), BONK ($700), and many more.

There are so many projects emerging within the Solana ecosystem, including Zeta Market, Drift, Kamino, and mFi, among others.

Zeta Market has already implemented the Zeta-Score for its users. Despite Season 2 already underway, we still need to farm this one.

The Zeta-Score is based on trading volume, where $1 equals 1 point on market orders and $1 equals 5 points on limit orders.

Using the Backpack wallet to load funds into Zeta Market gives you a 1.1x Points boost.

Fee Details:

Fees%at $1k Volat $2kat $4kat $6kat $12kat $25kat $50kat $100k
Taker fees0.
Maker fees0.020.200.400.801.202.451020

💠 (Airdrop Distributed)Drift: The platform I am looking for farming on Solana other than Zeta Market is Drift.

In this protocol, we can trade derivatives and utilize the Lend/Borrow feature to earn Drift points.

The points system was launched on January 24th, 2024, and will run for three months, providing us with enough time to accumulate points for farming the Drift airdrop.

Additionally, they mentioned that the exact points methodology will not be disclosed until the end of the program.

To date, Drift has processed over $5 billion in volume across more than 90,000 users, securing over $130 million in total value locked (TVL) with the deepest derivatives liquidity on Solana.

Trading on both Drift and Zeta Market simultaneously can help you save on fees across your overall capital.

Drift also offers rebates for limit orders, similar to HyperLiquid.

Fee Details:

Fees%at $1k Volat $2kat $4kat $6kat $12kat $25kat $50kat $100k
Taker fees0.0250.250.501.001.5036.2512.525
Maker fees-0.005-0.05-0.10-0.20-0.30-0.6-1.25-2.5-5

💠 LogX: Since the launch of the LogX platform, there have been many chain integrations like Mode Network, Linea, Fuse, Arbitrum, etc.

And now that Orderly Network has joined LogX, we can farm both the LogX and Orderly airdrops together. If you’re not familiar with Orderly, please check out our various posts on our Telegram channel.

LogX Deposit

By depositing and trading through Orderly Network into LogX, users can earn double points.

A points snapshot was taken on March 5th. In the new reward program, users can directly earn LOGX tokens every week by trading on different chains.

LogX Reward Program

Fee Details:

Fees%at $1k Volat $2kat $4kat $6kat $12kat $25kat $50kat $100k
Taker fees0.050.501.002.003.00612.52550
Maker fees0.030.300.601.201.803.67.51530

Here is the fee table for all five DEX at once.

DEXFees%at $1k Volat $2kat $4kat $6kat $12kat $25kat $50kat $100k
KiloExTaker fees0.
Maker fees0.
HyperLiquidTaker fees0.0250.250.501.001.5036.2512.525
Maker fees-0.002-0.02-0.04-0.08-0.12-0.24-0.5-1-2
Zeta MarketTaker fees0.
Maker fees0.020.200.400.801.202.451020
DriftTaker fees0.0250.250.501.001.5036.2512.525
Maker fees-0.005-0.05-0.10-0.20-0.30-0.6-1.25-2.5-5
LogXTaker fees0.050.501.002.003.00612.52550
Maker fees0.030.300.601.201.803.67.51530

Those are a few names for Perpetual DEX Airdrops that are currently trending in the market. We will continue to add more platforms in the upcoming days. Therefore, bookmark this page and start farming.

Be sure to join our Telegram channel for the latest updates.

Thank you.

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