Superform Safari Campaign: Chapter 1

The Superform Protocol is backed by several big names, including Polychain Capital, Circle Ventures, and Bryan Pellegrino (Co-Founder and CEO of LayerZero).

They are set to launch the Superform Safari Campaign to reward protocol users. The campaign will feature several tasks over the next few weeks.

Chapter One has launched on Galxe. In this campaign, we must complete two major on-chain tasks and a few social tasks.

The Superform Lab has raised $6.5 million, led by big VCs. That’s why I’m interested in completing these tasks.

Each chapter you complete earns you special NFTs.

Let’s do it!

Superform Safari Campaign: Chapter 1

Completing this chapter isn’t so hard, but the on-chain tasks are slightly confusing. That’s why I’m writing this blog about a Galxe campaign. Lol

1. Visit the Galxe page and complete all social tasks, like following, retweeting, etc. Check the quiz answers at the end of this page.

2. To perform the on-chain task, you will need $28 worth of ETH on any L2 chains like Arbitrum, Base, or Optimism (I am using Arbitrum for the demo).

Superform same-chain >$10 Deposit Task

3. Visit and connect to Rabby Wallet. In case Rabby does not work on the website, you may use the OKX Wallet.

4. On the Explorer page, select ‘PRIME ETH‘ on Notional Finance, then click ‘DEPOSIT‘.

Superform Safari


6. Click on ‘Select your funding coin‘, then choose Arbitrum and ETH

7. Type $11 of ETH and click on ‘SIMULATE DEPOSIT‘.

But if you notice a calculation mismatch in the amount (for example, receiving $8 instead of $11), simply use the remove icon and start again from the Explore page.

8. After depositing ETH, wait for 5 minutes and verify your task on Galxe.

Then, you can either withdraw your funds from the Portfolio page or proceed with the second task of $26 if you have sufficient funds in your wallet and wish to withdraw all at once.

Superform cross-chain >$25 Deposit Task

9. Visit On the Explorer page, scroll down and select ‘Optimism Chain and WETH‘. Click on ‘Deposit‘, then click ‘OPEN BAG‘.

10. Select Your Funding Token. Now, repeat the 7th step from above, but this time type $26 of ETH instead of $11.

11. Deposit via Arbitrum Chain ETH

12. After depositing, verify your Galxe task. Then, go to the Portfolio page and withdraw your funds.

If the ETH value displayed is less than the deposit amount, choose Optimism WETH instead of Arbitrum ETH when withdrawing funds.

Superform Safari Quiz Answers: Chapter 1

Question 1: Which of these will NOT be earned if you deposit on Superform during the Safari?


Question 2: How many SuperFrens of the same type and tier are required to forge?

Ans. 5

Question 3: What chain do SuperFrens live on?

Ans. Base

Question 4: Say your rank in a tournament is 4000. What tier SuperFren would you earn?

Ans. Silver

Question 5: What did early Superform users earn for competing in Tournament Zero?

Ans. Super-Chad NFT

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