OKX Wallet Airdrop: Cryptopedia x zkLink $300k ZKL Airdrop

OKX has shut down its exchange service in India and many other countries due to tough rules and regulations, but the OKX wallet airdrop is accessible to everyone from everywhere.

Starting from the 28th of March, in Season 15 of Cryptopedia, they partnered with zkLink to reward users for completing specific tasks.

We completed several Galxe tasks before the zkLink Mainnet launch a few days ago. Currently, there is a zkLink Nova campaign running where people need to bridge at least 0.25 ETH and lock it for 30 days.

But this is completely different from that. Here, we can bridge any amount, complete the tasks, and then return our funds to Arbitrum or any other chain/exchange.

Let’s begin the

OKX Wallet Airdrop: Cryptopedia x zkLink Nova

OKX Wallet Airdrop

OKX Wallet is available in both the App and Chrome Extension formats, download whichever is easier for you to access.

Import your existing wallet into OKX and start.

After importing your wallet into OKX, you can use the MetaMask wallet to complete tasks if you are comfortable with it.

There are a total of 7 tasks listed on the Cryptopedia page. Let’s start with the Bridge first.

Official withdrawals will begin on 14th April, so for now, we will bridge a small amount.

Symbiosis Bridge has started withdrawals but within a limit.

Task 1: Go to https://app.zklink.io/bridge > Bridge $5 from any chain to zkLink Nova.

Fee: $2 approx.

Task 2: Bridge $10 using Symbiosis Finance from any chain to zkLink

Fee: $0.60 approx.

Task 3: Swap $12 of ETH to WETH on NativeX. Fees on NativeX are high; use wallet settings to lower gas prices. Use Metamask if the OKX wallet is harder to find all settings.

Task 4: Unwrap $6 of WETH on izumi Swap

Task 5: Deposit the rest of WETH into Aqua, fees are very high. Keep checking for a low fee

Task 6: Deposit $5 or more of ETH on KKEX then Follow KKEX on Twitter

Task 7: Follow zkLink, retweet this tweet, and mention 3 friends with #zkLink.

Verify all tasks on the Cryptopedia Page and wait for the reward announcement.

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