Backpack Exchange Referral Code 2024

Backpack is a regulated centralized cryptocurrency exchange mainly focused on Solana. It also has a custom Solana-based cryptocurrency wallet. Use the Backpack Exchange Referral Code to join the exchange, complete KYC, and start trading.

By using this exchange and wallet, you can receive many airdrops, including Backpack, Tensor, USDC, and more. Recently, its users received a W airdrop based on trading volume.

The last snapshot was taken on April 6th, 2024. Start now to become eligible for upcoming airdrops.

Make sure to join our Telegram channel for the latest updates.

Backpack Exchange Referral Code 2024

Backpack Exchange Referral Code 2024

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Details of Backpack Exchange:

  1. Official Twitter: @Backpack
  2. Support: Telegram Support
  3. Official URL:
  4. Discord:

Other Airdrops: Supra Airdrop

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