Massa Lab Quest 1 – Join Early to the official campaign

Massa Lab Quest – I’m a big fan of the work Massa Lab is doing behind the scenes. They’re achieving impressive results with just $5 million in funding, even outperforming projects with a market capitalization of $50 million.

And, now the most exciting part is they confirmed an airdrop and just launched their first on-chain quest – “Massa Lab Quest 1”.

This is the first time they have launched an on-chain quest, and it’s certainly not the last. More quests are on the way, and I will cover all of them in this post. So, follow our Telegram channel to get the latest updates.

Let’s start with What is Massa?

Massa Labs, a Paris-based startup, is revolutionizing the blockchain industry with Massa, its highly scalable and truly decentralized blockchain platform. With innovative features like autonomous smart contracts and on-chain website hosting, Massa aims to transform various sectors, from decentralized finance to supply chain management and is poised for a mainnet launch in 2023 Q4 after securing over $5 million in funding.

Why should you join this Massa Lab Quest?

Well, there has been an announcement confirming the airdrop and the quest has begun, so we should definitely try to get on the list.

Massa Lab Quest

Massa Lab Quest

How to participate in Massa Lab Quests?

Steps are,

1. Join Massa Discord and verify

2. Download the BearBy Wallet extension and create s new wallet, save the mnemonic key in a safe place

3. Open the wallet and copy the address. Look at the yellow button, you can switch the network between testnet and buildnet

4. Open Massa Discord, go to the testnet faucet and buildnet faucet channels, then paste your wallet address

5. The rocket sign indicates that your wallet has been selected for the faucet, and you should receive it within a few minutes

6. Visit Quest Dashboard > Go to Profile > Connect Discord and wallet

Alright, the setup is complete. Now, it’s time to start the ongoing tasks. Please note that validation may take up to 1 hour to show on the page.

In addition to this, consider joining the Massa Galxe Campaigns to build up your loyalty score. This can help you earn more rewards and benefits within the Massa ecosystem.

There are a few examples of…

– Go to > Mint 1 for 10 Massa

– Go to > Enter for 1 Massa > Choose your car > Confirm on Wallet

– On the Game page click on Result > Click on Watch > Start watching a game > Wait for loading and click on the Complete Quest button from the bottom left > Confirm on the wallet

– Visit > Read the announcement and back, no need to play a game to validate

– Go to > Connect Wallet(buldnet network) > Mint Faucet > Swap tokens > Add liquidity > Start DCA

That’s it for now.

Stay updated on campaign progress and announcements by visiting our Telegram Channel.

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