(Updated) AltLayer Testnet Campaign – Altitude Phase 4

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About AltLayer – AltLayer is a RaaS platform for decentralized application developers to launch highly scalable application-tailored execution layers.

Why participate in this AltLayer Testnet Campaign?

AltLayer has raised $7.2 million in investments from funds such as Polychain, Jump Crypto, the founder of Synthetix, and others.

Holding those testnet OATs may be beneficial for us in the future.

AltLayer Testnet Step-by-step Guide

AltLayer Testnet Campaign

Phase 4: 26th Sep — 28th Oct 2023

Campaign Page: https://galxe.com/altlayer/campaign/GCuPiULrKh

1. Open the campaign page, follow Altlayer and oh_ottie on Twitter

2. Go to the 2048 game page > Connect Metamask Wallet(AltLayer Network will be auto added) and start playing, score at least 2000.

Points are calculated based on the number of tiles after being merged. For example, if tiles 4 + 4 are merged, 8 points are added to the score. To get a score of 2000 in less than 5 minutes, use this trick: play the game clockwise. This means pressing Right > Down > Left > Up, and continuing the pattern.

After you collect the 2000 score, click on the New Game button to mint the current score.

3. Go to the faucet page, connect to Twitter, and claim the faucet

4. Visit https://play.cellula.live/ > Connect Metamask Wallet(AltLayer Network will be auto-added) > Mint 2 cell NFT. That’s enough to get the score on galxe.

4.1. Cellula Bonus Task: Try this to participate in the 1000 USDT giveaway. Click on the LIFE tab > Drag cells into the box, make sure the graph is trending upwards > Click on the MERGE button > Click Next > Choose a birthplace(any of the 3) > and MINT.

Share this on Twitter to join the 1000 USDT giveaway.

4.2. Mint 3 on 3 different birthplace

5. Go to https://rolluproyale.netlify.app/game to play the Loot Royale Game. Play at least 1 round of Loot Royale’s game match to complete the Galxe task. Check the tutorial video below.

5.1. Loot Royale Bonus Task: Play at least 3 times and win a game to qualify for bonus task points.

So, now wait for the Galxe tasks to get verified manually.

Phase 3: 13th July — 16th Aug 2023

First, we need to stake stETH to the EigenLayer to join, so let’s do this

1. Claim Goerli testnet ETH from one of the publicly available faucets:


2. Once you have Goerli ETH in your wallet, you simply send a transaction to the stETH token contract address for the amount of stETH you want to swap

3. Open Metamask Wallet > Change network to Goerly Testnet Network> Click SEND > Paste this stETH Contract Address – 0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F > Type amount of 0.011 > Click I understand > Click Next and Confirm

4. Again open Metamask > Go to Token tab > Click Import Tokens > Paste stETH contact address – 0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F > Click Import Token, you have received stETH on your wallet

Time for re-staking on EigenLayer

5. Go to https://goerli.eigenlayer.xyz/ > Choose Lido Staked Ether

6. Type amount of 0.0.1 ETH > Click Next > Confirm in Wallet

Create a re-staking tier Flash Layer

7. Go to https://dashboard.alt.technology/flashlayers/deployments > Connect Wallet (Goerly Network) > Click on Create > Choose Restaking Trial > Confirm > Proceed

8. Now the configuration page will open > Simply change the nickname to only small letters

9. Don’t change anything else on the page, scroll and click Validate address ownership >Confirm in wallet > Click Create

10. If you get this error on clicking Create button please wait a few minutes and try again.

11. After getting a successful page wait 2 hours and then go to the Galxe Campaign Page and claim 400 Points. That’s it.

Phase 2: 5th June — 3rd July 2023

Task 1: Add “AltLayer Beacon Testnet” to Metamask

1. My assumption is that you already have the Sepolia faucet in your wallet, if not, claim it now and get started

2. Go to: https://testnet-beacon-stake.altlayer.io

3. Connect the wallet > Approve wallet to add “AltLayer Beacon Testnet” to Metamask

4. Go to: https://testnet-beacon-faucet.altlayer.io/ > Sign in with Twitter (Your Twitter account must have 3 followers)

5. Enter your Altlayer address to receive ALT faucet tokens > Click Claim > You have successfully claimed tokens. You can request again in 15 minutes.

6. Back to the https://testnet-beacon-stake.altlayer.io page > Connect Wallet > Click on “Manage Delegation” > Select a validator

7. Enter ALT token amount 1 > Click on Delegate

.8. Done! You have successfully staked on Beacon Layer.

Task 2: Stake on Rollup staking portal

1. Switch to Sepolia Network on Metamask

2. Go to https://weth.altlayer.io/transfer > And deposit some Sepolia ETH to get WETH

3. Now go to the staking portal: https://testnet-staking.altlayer.io > Connect wallet > Select a node operator > Enter WETH amount > Approve & Stake

4. Done! You have successfully staked on the Rollup staking portal.

5. Final step to claim points on the Galxe Page

Note: On-chain credentials (staking transactions) may take up to a week to be populated; therefore, users are advised to maintain some staked balance (Last updated: Jun-08-2023 07:49:00 UTC)

Phase 1: 4th May — 30th June 2023

1. Visit ChainList.org and add AltLayer Testnet Network and Sepolia Testnet Network to your Metamask Wallet

2. Claim Faucet:

MSEQ faucet – https://testnet-faucet.altlayer.io/ on AltLayyer Network

Sepolia Faucet – https://sepoliafaucet.com/ on Sepolia

More sites for Sepolia ETH claim –


3. Go to https://testnet-mint.altlayer.io/mint > Connect Wallet (Sepolia Network) > Choose quantity 10 > Free Mint

4. We need to copy our NFT ID. For that visit https://sepolia.etherscan.io/ > Search your wallet address > click on recent Mint transaction >

copy one of the Token ID

5. Go to https://testnet-rollup-bridge.altlayer.io/deposit > connect wallet (Sepolia Network) > Select a token > choose NFT > paste the NFT ID

Approve > Confirm wallet > Deposit > Confirm wallet.

6. Wait a few minutes for NFT to reach the AltLayer Network, then repeat the process with the other two tokens

You will now be able to transact on AltLayer Network with ETH, MSEQ, and MSNFT.

7. Now change the wallet network Sepolia to AltLayer Testnet

8. Connect the wallet to the AltLayer Testnet page > click on Withdraw

9. Select token ETH, MSEQ, and MSNFT one by one and withdraw back to the Sepolia Network.

10. That’s it for now. Claim Galxe OAT after completing all tasks.

Note: On-chain credentials (bridging transactions) may take up to a week to be populated (Last updated: 15 May 2023 0530 UTC)

11. Join our Telegram channel for the latest updates and join the community group for any help.

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