AltLayer Testnet Campaign – Altitude Phase 1

AltLayer Testnet Campaign, ALtlayer testnet aidrop, Altlayer Airdrop

About AltLayer – AltLayer is a RaaS platform for decentralized application developers to launch highly scalable application-tailored execution layers.

Why participate in this AltLayer Testnet Campaign?

AltLayer has raised $7.2 million in investments from funds such as Polychain, Jump Crypto, the founder of Synthetix, and others.

Holding those testnet OATs may be beneficial for us in the future.

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AltLayer Testnet Step-by-step Guide

AltLayer Testnet Campaign

Phase 1: 4th May — 30th June 2023

1. Visit and add AltLayer Testnet Network and Sepolia Testnet Network to your Metamask Wallet

2. Claim Faucet:

MSEQ faucet – on AltLayyer Network

Sepolia Faucet – on Sepolia

More sites for Sepolia ETH claim –

3. Go to > Connect Wallet (Sepolia Network) > Choose quantity 10 > Free Mint

4. We need to copy our NFT ID. For that visit > Search your wallet address > click on recent Mint transaction >

copy one of the Token ID

5. Go to > connect wallet (Sepolia Network) > Select a token > choose NFT > paste the NFT ID

Approve > Confirm wallet > Deposit > Confirm wallet.

6. Wait a few minutes for NFT to reach the AltLayer Network, then repeat the process with the other two tokens

You will now be able to transact on AltLayer Network with ETH, MSEQ, and MSNFT.

7. Now change the wallet network Sepolia to AltLayer Testnet

8. Connect the wallet to the AltLayer Testnet page > click on Withdraw

9. Select token ETH, MSEQ, and MSNFT one by one and withdraw back to the Sepolia Network.

10. That’s it for now. Claim Galxe OAT after completing all tasks.

Note: On-chain credentials (bridging transactions) may take up to a week to be populated (Last updated: 15 May 2023 0530 UTC)

11. Join our Telegram channel for the latest updates and join the community group for any help.

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