LogX Airdrop Rewards Program – Zero Investment

Do you know anything about the BLUR token airdrop? The LogX Airdrop Rewards Program has similar vibes.

Yes, you read it correctly. Blur distributed a total of $360 million tokens in its airdrop, using a point tracking system. Similarly, LogX provides points for platform usage and recently announced that more LOG Points are equivalent to more LOGX tokens.

What is LogX?

LogX is a new way from Flint Labs to solve the problem of having enough money to trade in DeFi on Layer 2 chains. It combines different sources of money to have a lot to trade with, it costs less to sell, and it’s easy to use. It’s better than using big trading companies.

Why should you take part in the LogX Airdrop Rewards Program?

The $LOGX airdrop rewards plan is based on something called “Log points.” You get these points by trading on the LogX platform on different networks. When you collect more Log points, you’ll get more $LOGX tokens in future airdrops.

LogX raised $6.1M from top funds, including Sequoia, Coinbase Ventures, Titan Capital, Antler, IOSG Ventures, MSA Capital, Better, GFC, Hashed, and Saison Capital.

LogX Airdrop Rewards Program

What are Log points?

You earn Log points by doing things on LogX, and these points help decide how many $LOGX tokens you’ll get in upcoming airdrops. The more you trade and use the platform, the more tokens you might receive.

LogX Airdrop Rewards Program

As you can observe in the image above, there are currently two types of tasks available to collect LOG points. The first criteria is Trading Volume, and the second is the Number of Trades.

Under the first criteria, you have to trade (long or short) to make trading volume and earn points. I’m deciding not to do this because trading futures is very risky. But if you know a lot about it, you can still take part.

In the second criteria, we also need to trade futures, but it’s on Testnet, so there’s no real money involved.

So, let’s jump into the steps

Steps are:

1. Visit Chainlist.org/chain/5001 and add Mantle Testnet to the Metamask wallet

2. Collect faucet:

Join LogX Discord > go to mantle-faucet channel > Type “Request for funds on address – paste your wallet address” > Send.

You will receive MANTLE and USDC test tokens on your wallet within 4/5 hours

3. Go to https://mantle.logx.trade/ > Connect Metamask (Mantle testnet Network)

4. Srart Trading

How to Trade:
Choose a Position – Long or Short:

Long Position: You make money if the token’s price rises, but lose if it falls.

Short Position: You profit if the token’s price falls, but lose if it rises.

Put a minimum $10 in the Collateral Pay box, and then click on the Long BTC button, or go to the Sell/Short section to open a short position

5. Take a look at the Position section to see your active trades. If you want to end a trade, click the Close button.

6. Visit the Airdrop page to see how many points you’ve earned. Don’t panic, it might take days for your points to appear on the page.

7. Go to the Discord server and share your feedback in the #mantle-testnet channel.

That’s it for today.

Join RT Airdrops telegram channel for the latest updates.

Important Links:

1. Logx Official Website: https://logx.trade/

2. LogX Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/LogX_trade

3. LogX Discord: https://discord.gg/logx

4. Blog: Check Here

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