Golden Protocol Airdrop Program (Huge Opportunity Worth $500)

Hello & welcome to the RT Airdrops once again. We always prefer to join airdrop without investment so everyone can participate and receive equal opportunity—the Golden Protocol Airdrop is one of these free but premium projects with huge backing.

The team already raised $40 million in series B funding for the project and obviously, this is not a small amount.

So, what the Golden Protocol actually is?

The Golden Protocol is the decentralized version of Wikipedia. Yes, you heard it right. For example, if you search for Elon Musk on Wikipedia, you can read the full biography along with his founded company or the potential data source linked on the page. The same you will get on this Golden Protocol but in a decentralized way.

Now, you must be thinking we are airdrop hunters, what is the benefit we get from this protocol?

That’s the point. They are in the testnet face now. So, we can receive testnet points in the form of rewards for contributing resources to the protocol as an end user(verifier).

And after the mainnet launch, those tokens will be converted into real tokens which we can sell on any exchange. There will be a good amount of airdrop tokens if you complete tasks and collect daily points from the airdrop. So let’s begin the joining process.

Golden Protocol Airdrop Program

Golden Protocol Airdrop

How to join the Golden Protocol Airdrop?

1. To participate in the airdrop firstly you need a metamask wallet and all the testnet transactions will happen in Georli Network. So, in that case, you don’t have to spend any money to pay gas fees also.

2. If you didn’t have enough eth on your Georli Network claim from this Goerli Faucet or AllThatNode Ethereum Faucets

3. Now go to the Golden Protocol dApp and connect your metamask wallet via Georli Network

4. Then click Sign up on and create a new account using your name, and email id, then verify your email via OTP

5. Type your name, bio, organization name, etc then connect your wallet

6. On the next screen choose Free and then again open the dApp and connect the wallet

7. Now click on the Wallet option from the left menu bar and you will see there will be 500 testnet points available for you

Golden Protocol Points

8. Now go to the Verification Tab > Stake your testnet points > Stake testnet points > Sign in via wallet

9. On this page you have to choose the right answer(Accept or Reject), also you have a choice to skip any question if you don’t know the answer

Golden Protocol Activity

10. So, this way you can have to collect as many points to get a healthy airdrop.

11. The points table will be refreshed every 12/13 hours. To check your earned points, click on the Your Activity tab.

12. Okay. That’s it guys. And don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for future updates.

For more details about the incentivized testnet visit this testnet document.

Project Highlights:

1. Golden Protocol Official Website:

2. Website 2:

3. Incentivized Testnet Activity Document: Check Here

4. Golden Protocol dApp:

5. Twitter: Golden

6. Blog: Check Here

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