NuLink Testnet Airdrops Program: Earn Free NLK tokens

The NuLink Testnet Airdrops Program is very unique in the world of airdrops. There will be a total of 4 types of testing phases and rewards.

Up to fifty users will be selected who have completed all testing phases and submitted the most valuable feedback. This testnet will prepare you to become familiar with how privacy-preserving technology will work for decentralized applications.

It also provides you with an exciting opportunity to get involved with the leadership and core development team in case you submit some remarkable feedback or bug.

About NuLink – Nulink is a project that aims to offer the world an out-of-the-box encryption solution. We enable and make it easy for developers, startups, small businesses, and enterprises to build their own applications with all the best security and privacy practices. Our testnet Horus Onchain has been chosen to be depolyed to the BSC testnet.

NuLink Testnet Airdrops Program

NuLink Testnet Airdrops Program

Last Updated: 27.03.2024

The newly launched NuLink x Coinlist Incentivized testnet will award the top 10,000 users from the quest dashboard.

NuLin Airdrop Reward Details:

🏆 Get Bounty Rewards in $NLK: Up to 50 users will be selected for each of the testing phases. Participants are able to get token rewards for successfully testing the features and submitting their feedback. Users will be rewarded up to 6000 NLKs with a whitelist(public round pre-sale) qualification.

Even if you don’t get the final bounty, you may be part of incentive programs for completing the tests. The rules and list will be announced before the TGE stage.

The requirement to start the NuLink testnet:

i) Chrome browser / Kiwi browser for mobile

ii) NumLink Wallet extension

iii) NuLink Faucet

iv) Binance Faucet

v) Chainlist for testnet

vi) TestNet Page

vii) Nulink For Requesting approval My Profile

viii) Feedback form

Steps to join the NuLink Testnet program:

1. To start the airdrop task first download the NuLink wallet extension file, yes you are right, in this airdrop, we are not using the Metamsk

2. Next UnZip the downloaded zip file(if you are using mobile then got to this website to unzip or try RAR application)

3. Go to Brower Extension, then toggle the Developer mode on. click Load Unpacked, select the unzipped folder, and upload it

4. Now open the NuLink extension and create a new wallet(don’t forget to save the wallet mnemonic)

5. Okay, we are ready to take off. Go to the Testnet page and complete your profile first, click the agent button to connect Nulink Wallet

6. Now upload a demo file to Discover by clicking the Upload file button

7. In the Discover tab you can see another user’s uploaded files in locked mode, you can request other’s files to complete a task after they approve your request you can access the file from your end

Go to my NuLink Profile and request approval, the approval takes a small fee in test tokens

8. Increase your usage daily to level up your score on the leaderboard to earn extra rewards.

9. Use the Feedback form to submit your suggestion or feedback.

Warning For New Users: Don’t send money/crypto to anyone to claim any airdrop. and secondly, don’t send/submit the Seed Phrase/Private key to claim any airdrop. if any company claims this information from you they are 100% scammer.

Project Highlights:

1. NuLink Official Website:

2. Twitter: NuLink

3. Blog: NuLink Blog

4. Horus Network

5. Partners:

For more airdrops please join our telegram channel now.

NuLink Testnet Airdrops Program: Earn Free NLK tokens - RT Airdrops

The NuLink Testnet Airdrops Program is very unique in the world of airdrops. There will be a total of 4 types of testing phases and rewards.

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