GammaX Exchange Airdrop (Confirmed) – Don’t Miss this Time

Hello Guys, welcome to another opportunity to get registered in a unique airdrop that’s GammaX Exchange Airdrop. Yes, the airdrop is coming from an exchange. So there will be very good potential also it will be 100% free for the community.

Let’s discuss a few things about GammaX. The GammaX is a perpetual DEX that is powered by the StarkEX.

StarkEX is the core part of Stark Network. If you heard about dydx and ImmutableX you must know that the same project also powering them.

If we go through the investor list of GammaX, we can see some of the big names like STARKWARE, LedgerPrime, Genesis, and Kyber Venture backing the exchange.

That means this is a solid project. Now, look into the airdrop opportunity. There will be a few tasks and in return, we will receive PRE-TOKEN GAMMA POINTS. Those can be converted into actual tokens after launch.

So, let’s jump into the main part.

GammaX Exchange Airdrop

GammaX Exchange Airdrop

How to join the GammaX Exchange Airdrop?

1. So, first, visit the GammaX Airdrop Link and sign up for a new account to participate. You can use my referral code (31359A) for registration to support me.

2. To create a new account, type your name, email id, metamask wallet address, and password

3. Now go to the Dashboard

4. Here you can see your available reward points and a quiz banner on the Mission-X tab

5. Click on the Visit Link option

6. On this page you will see a lot of quizzes available to earn reward points starting from 100 to 400 points.

7. Answers will be very easy, so just complete the quiz and earn daily points.

8. Okay. That’s it guys. And don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for future updates.

Project Highlights:

1. GammaX Official Website:

2. Twitter: GammaX

3. Blog: Check Here

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