Generation Incentivized Testnet Step-by-step Guide

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What is Generation?

Generation is a project that provides users with interoperability between various chains and helps them leverage data sovereignty in the Web3 Ecosystem.

Generation provides secure Wallet, Social, and Asset Management features to facilitate secure blockchain interoperability.

Why join this Generation Incentivized Testnet?

The Generation Testnet will be available on the Ethereum goerli Testnet (OTC) and the Arbitrum goerli Testnet (Staking, Burn, Fever Staking, and OTC). TX will record your activities, and the Crew3 mission board will display your progress. The incentives will be distributed based on your performance on the Crew3 leaderboard.

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Generation Incentivized Testnet Guide

We will use the Arbitrum goerli testnet here since Eth goerli has only OTC and we need to complete all tasks. Let’s get started

Steps are:

1. I believe you already have your Metamask wallet with you. If you don’t have any gETH on your ETH Goerli Testnet Network, claim gETH from the faucet website

2. Then add Arbitrum goerli testnet Network to the wallet using

3. Now go to the Arbitrum Bridge > Connect wallet (Goerli Network) and bridge some gETH to Arbitrum Goerli Network

4. All set? Go to the testnet webpage > connect wallet (Arnitrum Goerli Network)

5. Click on Send me 10 GEN > confirm on the wallet

6. Go to the Staking tab > type 1 > click Approve > Confirm on wallet > click Stake > confirm wallet > done

7. Fever Staking is also part of the testnet, but we need to burn 100 GEN before we can get a single GEN, but we can only get 10 GEN every 12 hours. So claim every day and complete this task after 5 days

8. Next to test the Burn feature. Go to the BURN tab > type 1 GEN > click Approve > confirm wallet > click Burn > confirm wallet > done.

9. Next, go to the OTC tab > in the Other User Address field paste your another wallet address (or paste my wallet address 0xe5EfCA90cC2Fc5920b01d59CDB2f035FE990EB2A) > click Find

10. In the first part: Sell Crypto –

Click on the Select Token field > Paste this contract address (0xbC8D13cfe0eaA675017f8E962c20939Da8Ac237F) > GEN > type 1

2nd part: Buy Crypto –

Click on the Select Token field > Paste this contract address (0xbC8D13cfe0eaA675017f8E962c20939Da8Ac237F) > GEN> type 0.5

click Create > confirm wallet > Approve > confirm wallet > Deposit > confirm wallet

11. The next step is for the Opposit OTC user to approve the deal. Open this link and connect to your second wallet (Arbitrum Goerli Address) which you filled in step 9 or send me your wallet address ( if you filled in my address, so I can approve the deal.

12. Click Approved > confirm wallet > Deposit > confirm wallet

13. Thats it. All testnet task for now competed except the stGEN Fever Staking.

14. Join Zealy and complete zealy task everyday to earn XP(important).

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