DackieSwap Testnet Campaign – Base

DackieSwap Testnet, DackieSwap Testnet Airdrop, New Testnet

What is DackieSwap?

DackieSwap is one of the Native Real-Yield DEX on Base.

DackieSwap Testnet Guide

DackieSwap Testnet
DackieSwap Testnet

Let’s jump into steps

Steps are:

1. Prepare your metamask wallet > Add Base Goerli Testnet Network from Chainlist.org

2. Claim gETH faucet from faucet websites on Eth Goerli Testnet Network

https://goerlifaucet.com (need account https://alchemy.com)

https://coinbase.com/faucets (need to use Coinbase Wallet)

3. And bridge gETH from Ethereum Goerli to Base Goerli. Go to https://bridge.base.org/ > connect Eth Goerli Network > click on ‘Bridge assets’ from the top right or mid-left > Enter amount > click DEPOSIT ETH > confirm the transaction on the wallet

4. Wait a few minutes and your gETH will be on Base Goerli Network

5. Switch network to Base Goerli on Metamask > go to the DackieSwap testnet page

6. Connect Wallet > click on Faucet > click Tweet > click Faucet > confirm wallet

8. After the faucet, you will have 100 $DACKIE, 300 $USDT, and 300 $USDC for testing.

9. Test Swap feature: Convert USDC into ETH

10. Add liquidity: Click on trade > Liquidity > Add Liquidity > Select ETH and USDT > type 100 USDT > Enable USDT > Supply > confirm n wallet > Done.

11. Future updates may unlock more testing features, join our telegram channel for the latest updates

12. Now last task: go to the feedback form > fill the form > Submit.

*Note: Useful feedback will be recognized and rewarded by Dackie in product batches. 💰

Project Links:

1. DackieSwap Official Website: https://www.dackieswap.xyz/

2. Twitter: DackieSwap Twitter

3. Discord: DackieSwap Discord Link

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