Alethea MyCharacter Airdrop – Reward: 20 Credits + 5 ALI ($16m raised – enough strong)

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About MyCharacterAi – is the first ever dApp built on the AI Protocol that leverages the CharacterGPT Multimodal AI System. It enables AI Character generation using a single prompt. The aim is to simplify powerful AI Technologies and make them more accessible for all.

About the Airdrop Rewards – 20 Credits + 5 ALI Tokens

Why join this airdrop?

The project team raised a total of $16m of funding, and this is the early stages, so even if you don’t want to contribute, please try to participate, as we might get some benefit from being early adopters.

And the exciting part is that the Binance NFT and BNB Chain also follow their handle on Twitter.

Alethea MyCharacter Airdrop

Alethea MyCharacter Airdrop

How to participate in the Alethea MyCharacter Airdrop?

Steps are:

1. Open the signup link

2. Sign up with Google (must)

3. Now you will be redirected to the home page, type R or any word in the box, then select any of the options from the list and click generate (check the image below)

4. Wait for a few seconds to complete the process, and your AI character will be generated successfully

5. Okay, now click on the Collect Chracater > Collect

6. Congratulation, You have collected your character and received 20 free credits You have also been gifted 5 ALI Utility Tokens to you in your wallet which can be used on other dApps on the AI Protocol.

7. Now get to the wallet, and refresh to see the collected character, so now you can chat with your AI character, click interact to start chat

8. Go to the credit option and complete all tasks like verifying the email or sharing on social media to earn more credits, sign in every day to get 5 credits daily, or refer a friend to earn 10 credits per friend.

9. Okay. That’s it guys. And don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for future updates.

Project Highlights:

1. MyCharacter Official Website:

2. Twitter: Alethea AI Twitter

3. Discord: Discord Channel

3. Blog: Check Here

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