Scroll Alpha Testnet – Expected Airdrop Worth $$$

Hi, The Scroll Project has just launched its Alpha Testnet after successfully closing its Pre-Alpha testing phase. Therefore, we will test the network to take part in the early users’ list, since the project recently completed a huge funding round and we are speculating a healthy airdrop.

What is Scroll?

The Scroll is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum that enables native compatibility for existing Ethereum applications and tools.

What is Scroll Alpha Testnet?

Scroll Alpha Testnet is an improved version of Scroll Pre-Alpha Testnet, which launched in August 2022. Since the project launched, over 100.000 users have joined and tested it. After the Alpha testnet round concludes, the Mainnet version will go live.

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Scroll Alpha Testnet

Scroll Alpha testnet Guide

How to Participate in the Scroll Alpha Testnet?

Steps are:

1. Scroll Alpha Testnet was deployed to test on the Goerli test network, so first we need to set up the network on Metamaask and then we need some test ETH to pay for gas while making transactions. You don’t have to pay anything. Steps are free of charge

2. In this tutorial I am using the Desktop Chrome browser, if you are a mobile user you can use Kiwi Browser or The Official Metamask app

3. By default, the Goerly test network is added to the metamask, but if you do not see it, simply enable it (see the below image)

4. Now visit the faucet website, sign up or log in, paste your metamask wallet address, and click SEND ME ETH

5. All set. Let’s go to the Scroll Alpha testnet page and connect the metamask wallet to the website

6. We have already added the Goerly Network on our metamask, now simply add the Layer 2 Scroll Alpha Testnet network by clicking Add to metamask

7. So, till the last step we have the correct network, also the faucet balance now its time to test

8. Go to the Scroll Alpha Bridge to test the bridge feature

9. Okay, at first we will transfer some ETH Georli network to the Scroll Alpha network. Type 0.05 in the field and click Send ETH Scroll Alpha Testnet & confirm the transaction from the wallet

10. It will take a few minutes to complete the bridging process, till then wait or go to the explorer by clicking the TXN hash.

11. Come back after a few minutes, refresh once, and click on the wallet address from the top right corner to check transaction details

12. Once the ETH reached the target protocol click on the down arrow button to switch the network

13. Now type 0.01 to transfer ETH back to the Goerli network from the Scroll Alpha testnet. Sometimes network fees became so high, that trying to transact later

14. That’s it for now. No other dApps are working on testnet for now, I will update later if any of these go live, keep following the RT Airdrops Telegram Channel

15. Go to the Guild Scroll and connect your wallet, Twitter & discord. Complete all tasks and click the Join Guild button to claim the MYSTERY ROLE

Project Highlights:

1. Scroll Official Website:

2. Twitter: Scroll Twitter

3. Discord: Scroll Discord Channel

4. LinkTree: Check Here

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