Taiko Quiz Answers: “WTF are booster rollups?”

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Taiko Quiz Answers

Taiko Quiz Answers

Campaign Link: https://galxe.com/taiko/campaign/GCcSkt47pX

Period: 2024/02/20 – 2024/02/26

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Question 1: Which type of rollup can potentially benefit from the booster functionality?

Ans: C. Both optimistic and ZK rollups

Question 2: What advantage does the BBR design offer developers regarding deploying their decentralized applications (dapps)?

Ans: D. Developers deploy their dapps once on 1, and they automatically scale across all boosted L2s

Question 3: What role do L1 validators play in the context of Based Booster Rollups?

Ans: B. They directly propose blocks for the entire boosted network

Question 4: What distinguishes booster rollups from other rollup solutions?

Ans: C. They execute transactions as if they are on L1 while having their own storage on L2

Question 5: What does the concept of “uniform” entail in the context of booster rollups?

Ans: B. Users experience the same interfaces across L1 and all booster rollups

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