(F1 & 2 Updated) NAHMII INCENTIVIZED TESTNET 3.0 – Reward Confirmed

Hey Guys, the Nahmii Incentivized testnet is live already, I know I am late but not too, join now and become an early user. participate in the Nahmii Incentivized testnet campaign and win assured rewards.

What is NAHMII?

In short, Nahmii is a revolutionary layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum built on three core pillars: Blockchain Protocol, Venture Building, and Skunk DAO.

Why join Nahmii Testnet?

Want a reward or not? Just do it. 😂 Check medium


Nahmii Incentivized testnet

Let’s jump into steps,

Steps are:

Part I:

1. Always use the 2ndary wallet for joining any testnet. Copy your metamask wallet address, go to GoerliFaucet.com, and get some gETH

2. Go to the testnet website, connect the wallet, and bridge a small amount of ETH to the Nahmi 3.0 testnet network from Georli

3. After completing the transaction, click on the arrow button and approve in metamask to add the Nahmii Testnet Network details in the wallet

4. Do more and more transactions on both sides

5. Must check for transaction completion

6. Join Nahmii Discord and send your feedback/bug reports

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Part II:

1. Visit remix.ethereum.org

2. Click on the New File button > type your name and hit enter

3. Open this link and copy the total code and paste it here (check the below image)

4. Click on the Solidity Compiler tab(check the above image), check Auto compile and Hide warning box and then click Compile

5. Then click on the Deploy and run transaction tab, then select “Injected provider – Metamask” from the ENVIRONMENT drop-down menu

6. Before clicking the Metamask option from the drop-down menu ensure that the Nahmii 3.0 testnet network is selected on the Metamask wallet.

7. Click on the Deploy button and confirm the metamask transaction

8. Check confirmation from the footer bar

9. Click on the Deployed contract

10. Type 100 and click Burn, check confirmation from the footer bar

11. Paste any wallet address 100 separated by a comma on the Mint field (ex: 0xe5EfCA90cC2Fc5920b01d59CDB2f035FE990EB2A, 100) and click Mint, check confirmation from the footer bar

12. Now go to the Nahmii explorer, and search your wallet address for all the transactions you have made, take a screenshot > go to Discord > submit feedback

Part III:

1. Again visit the remix website, click on the + icon

2. Choose template: Blank, and type Nahmii NFT in the name field, click OK

3. Click on New File, type a name, and hit enter

4. Go to the notepad link copy all code and paste on the empty field > click on the 3rd tab(Solidity compiler) from the left menu > click Compile > check confirmation on the footer bar

5. Go to 4th tab(Deploy & run transaction) > Select Injected Provider – Metamask > confirm wallet and click on Deploy > Confirm transaction on wallet > check footer bar for confirmation

6. Now go to the pinata.cloud website > Sign up > Log In > Upload any image > copy the CID address > open a notepad copy and paste this link(https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/) and paste the CID address after the link

(Ex: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmNbmGCkmfkJ4HyiQnr5nahsJ1JNSJE1VbwPXE3sFNZ7d7)

7. Expand the Deployed contract

8. Expand the mint option > Paste your metamask wallet address in the _to field > type 500000 in the _tokenid field > and paste the ipfs image URL which we made on the 6th step above > click on transact > confirm on wallet > check footer…

9. Expand the safetransferfrom option > paste your mm(metamask) address in the _from field > paste any other wallet address _to field > type 500000 in the _tokenid > click on transact > confirm > check footer…

10. So part III is also completed. Open your metamask > activity > take a screenshot > go to Discord > provide feedback

Part IV:

1. In the 4th part we have to complete 3 simple tasks. ; let’s start, go to the Niifi.io testnet page

2. Connect wallet with Nahmii 3.0 testnet network. Swap a few small amounts of tokens like WBTC or DAI, or USDC

3. Next, go to the pool, select any pool pair like DAI/USDC > type 0.5 > approve DAI/ approve USDC > Add liquidity

4. Again go to the pool list page > click Create pool from the top right corner

5. Select any tokens > click on Add liquidity > confirm on the wallet

6. Then, go to the Dashboard > History > take a screenshot > go to Discord > submit feedback

Part V:

1. Now the 5th part also revealed, again 3 small task

Go to the Georli.etherscan contract > connect wallet(Georli test network) > click on faucet > click Write > confirm on wallet > click on View transaction to check completion

2. Visit the Nahmii bridge > connect Wallet > select token: NUSD > type 800 > Approve > Deposit (getting errors? Refresh and try again)

3. Click on Withdraw > switch network > type 400 > click Withdraw > confirm on Wallet

4. That’s it. Go to Discord > submit feedback

Part Vi:

1. Go to the Nahmii Reward page > Scroll down for F1 task > Connect Wallet (Nahmii N3 Testnet Network)

2. And Mint NFT

3. Taking too much time? Close the waiting page and Mint F2 NFT and leave as it is.

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