(Snipa tasks Added)Venom Testnet Campaign – Collect All NFT

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Why Venom Foundation?

The Venom Foundation envisions a global economy with decentralized blockchain-based financial systems to achieve the next step of economic evolution. The Venom Foundation has developed a next-generation consensus mechanism and system architecture capable of processing 100,000 transactions per second with low fees.

Why join this Venom testnet?

Nothing else, they didn’t announce an airdrop or incentive for testing dApps since they are so early on. Either we ignore or we become early adopters for future rewards. But must collect all NFTs in the testnet after the completion of all tasks.

Also join, Generation Incentivized Testnet Step-by-step Guide

Venom Testnet Guide

Venom Testnet

So let’s get started,

Steps are:

1. In this testnet we can’t use only the metamask wallet because the Venom Blockchain has its own wallet. So first, we need to install the Venom Wallet. Go to Venomwallet.com and install it.

2. Go to the Task Page > connect Venom Wallet > connect Twitter > follow Venom on Twitter > claim Faucet tokens

3. Open the Task Page again > scroll down > complete each task and Unloack NFT, then claim.

4. The NFT minting process might take a few minutes. Leave the page as it is and back to the Tasks Page to complete the others

5. All task links are here, complete these tasks one by one and then claim all NFTs at once

Update: 22/05/2023

Snipa Finance:

Go to the Venom Snipa Finance Task Page

I) Follow Snipa on Twitter

ii) Check your portfolio on Snipa Finance

Go to the https://venom.snipa.finance/ > Connect venom wallet > Click on Join Venom Testnet > Confirm transaction

iii) Mint NFT from the Venom task page

Update: 19/05/2023

Numi Club on Venom blockchain is LIVE!

So, do some transactions on it too to gain more advantages.

I hope you already have some Venom Tesnet tokens in your wallet, if not, claim a few from the above guide

Now go to the Testnet.we3b.world and swap 10 Venom tokens into Numi

Go to the Numi Club > Create a new account using email and verify

Connect Venom Wallet > Visit Marketplace

Buy an NFT. To buy NFT select any NFT from the marketplace > Click BUY > Agree on terms > Buy for 5 Numi

Go to profile > Inventory > Owned NFts > Check your purchased NFT > Click on it > Scroll down > List for Sale > Sale for 5 Numi.

Also claim the available drop on the inventory page

Claim and hold. Don’t sell.

Now visit the Crowdfunding page > Explore > Chose any project

Click Back this Project > Type amount 2 Numi > Submit

2nd task is to Complete Numi Quest

Complete the Numi Quest and become eligible to receive an extra drop!

Go to the https://quest.numi.net/ > New Game > Enter > continue clicking to open the game window

Click on the computer to enter the room

Solve puzzles like this:

Gate B1 – Block Part
You should link Block A (example: Yellow) to Block B (example: Blue)
There is a “bridge” to change Colour (Block with 2-3 colors).
So, grab the color block that can you drag (example: green) to another color (example: orange) via “bridge” (example: block with green and orange line).

Room B1 – Children Puzzle
You should explore this room. Find 4 objects. Check on the bottom left. There is space (1,2,3,4,5) with some objects,

Go to the left board with some missing puzzles (just click).

And then, drag that puzzle piece/object to the missing puzzle.

Go to the next room > click on computer > solve next puzzle to enter

OMG, so many puzzles. Go to the Numi Discord > then Numi-Quest channel and check pinned comments for all puzzles guide.

I am going to create the Linea week 3 campaign guide post…

Wait for the next update!

i) SWAP:- https://testnet.web3.world/swap

Swap Venom into USDT and WVenom

ii) LIQUIDITY:- https://testnet.web3.world/pools

Open Liquidity Position: USDT/WVENOM > Check to Add tokens in a balanced proportion > Continue > Deposit Token

iii) FARM :- https://testnet.web3.world/farming

Deposit those LP tokens to farming

iv) POOLS:- https://testnet.venompools.com/

Stake a minimum of 10 Venom Token

v) BRIDGE:- https://testnet.venombridge.com/bridge

Connect Metamask & Venom Wallet to the testnet dApp > continue

To: Venom testnet

From: BSC

Tokens: TUSD

Turn on Swap TVENOM to pay for BSC gas, and don’t pay for gas in BSC, I left without paying for gas at night, and saw in the morning transaction was already done.

But in the next task, you have to bridge tokens from Mainnet (BSC, Fantom) to Venom Testnet and the fee will be required


From: Venom testnet

Tokens: TUSD

Turn off: Swap BNB to pay Venom Testnet gas

vi) STAKE:- https://testnet.venomstake.com

vii) BUY NFT:- https://testnet.oasis.gallery/

Accumulate more Venom test tokens to buy NFT at a higher price or wait for them to start at a lower price sale and then buy NFT.

Twitter Links:

i) https://twitter.com/Venom_network_

ii) https://twitter.com/w3w_exchange

iii) https://twitter.com/VenomBridge

iv) https://twitter.com/0asisgallery

v) https://twitter.com/VenomPad

Once you’ve finished your task:

  • Share your experience with Venom Testnet
  • Share your wallet
  • Screenshot of all completed tasks

Post feedback on https://discord.gg/venomfoundation

Join our Telegram Channel for upcoming tasks notification like Sei Incentive Testnet (Task 6 now live)

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