KiloEx Airdrop Confirmed: Let’s farm with $21 capital – Backed by Binance Labs

KiloEx is a decentralized exchange platform where users can trade BTC or ETH in perpetual contracts and stake their crypto to earn interest. They officially announced a points system based on various activities to organize the KiloEx Airdrop for users.

KiloEx Referral Code: kilokebhav

In the tokenomics, 10% of the total supply is allocated for an airdrop. The strategy is essentially to attract more people to the platform and facilitate its growth.

The DEX supports a total of 3 blockchains, including BNB, opBNB, and Manta, making it the largest perpetual DEX on the opBNB chain.

There are four types of activities through which you can earn points: daily check-in, trading, staking, OAT claiming, and referral bonus points.

Let’s jump into the more details.

The KiloEx Airdrop Program

KiloEx Airdrop

Let’s start with the daily check-in. Checking in every day earns you more points. Earn 1 point on the first day, 2 points on the second day, and so on up to 7 points on the seventh day, accumulating a total of 28 points after 7 days.

The counting will start from day one again if you miss a check-in. But you need at least 35 points to enable the check-in activities. So, first, learn how to get the required points from below.

Trading points are the most significant criteria for accumulating unlimited points. Trading points will be generated based on the trade volume, where Trade Volume * 0.05 = Points Earned.

Deposit at least $20.50 and $0.50 worth of BNB to the opBNB chain. Use Binance exchange for the lowest fee.

So, the steps are:

1. Go to and connect your metamask wallet

2. Click on the BNB icon and select opBNB from the list. Trading on the opBNB chain will save you 99% of gas

3. Go to the referrals tab and scroll down to find the ‘Commission Rebate‘ box. Paste the referral code ‘kilokebhav‘ to get a trading fee rebate. This means using a referral code will give you back some portion of your trading fee in 2 or 3 days. > Click Confirm > Click Bind or Go to Trade to Bind automatically.

Another advantage is that by adding a reference code, the referee will receive an extra 30% – 50% of the referral’s earned points. So, if you are trying with two accounts (which is not recommended), or you can exchange codes with your friend to help increase both account points levels.

4. Now it’s time to open a position, but trading futures is always risky. So, I tried a strategy to earn points without incurring losses.

On the opBNB chain, the gas fee is negligible, like $0.01, but there is a platform fee for using leverage. For example, if you open a position with 25x leverage, the fee will be $0.25, and the closing fee will be the same.

This means you will end up paying a total of $0.50 in fees.

To enable the daily check-in activity, you need a $700 trade volume, which is 700 * 0.05 = 35 points.

Our strategy is to hedge. Open a long position with 25x leverage using $10 and simultaneously open a short position with the same amount and leverage at the same price.

Choose the BTC/USD pair > Click Long > Choose Conditional > Leverage: 25x > Set the trigger price with a minimum price gap of $100 from the current BTC price. For example, if the BTC price is now $44,000, choose the trigger price as $43,900 > Type 250 in the value field > Click BUY/LONG > Confirm on the wallet.

Open a short position by copying the long position.

Choose the BTC/USD pair > Click Short > Choose Conditional > Leverage: 25x > Choose the trigger price as $43,900 > Type 250 in the value field > Click SELL/SHORT > Confirm on the wallet.

Check your positions > Wait for 2 or 3 minutes

Click the arrow button on the Long position > Choose TP: for example $43,978 and set size to 100% > Confirm

Click the arrow button on the Short position > Choose SL, be cautious > Set the same price as TP $43,400 > Confirm.

Congratulations! By closing your positions, you generated a volume of $1,000 and earned 50 points, spending a fee of less than $1.

At the end of the trade, my balance was $20.10. So, $20.97$20.10 = $0.87 in total fees were deducted without any capital losses.

Now, go to the Airdrop tab to check your available points. You can now check in daily to earn points freely.

5. From the referral dashboard, you can collect a portion of your spent fee. Additionally, you can customize your referral code and share it with your friends to earn 30-50% of their earned points.


There are two more options to earn points: by staking and claiming OATs.

To earn points from staking, go to the Earn tab and stake USDT. Keep in mind that the points conversion ratio for this method is amount * 0.025, which means $2000 * 0.025 = 50 points. So, it requires a significant amount of money, and I am skipping this.

The OAT claiming options are not that hard. Keep checking the KiloEx Galxe Space for new OATs going live and claim ASAP.

Conclusion: In this post, I’ve tried my best to guide you on how to be eligible for the KiloEx Airdrop. However, there’s no official confirmation on the minimum points needed to qualify for the airdrop—whether it’s 35, 50, 100, or more. So, best of luck to you all, and don’t forget to join our Telegram channel for the latest updates.

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