Supreme Finance TRX Airdrop Program – Reward: 95000 TRX (TRON) Pool for all users

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About Supreme Finance — “SupremeFinance is ushering in a new era of asset management called decentralized finance. It is also a service that allows you to trade various types of decentralized assets.

Both simple and efficient DeFi products and NFT products are eligible for this service. And these assets also create a hybrid product between DeFi and NFTs.

We use these various assets to develop derivatives and provide them to our customers very easily through decentralized financial services.”

Supreme Finance TRX Airdrop Program

Supreme Finance TRX Airdrop Program

Joining Reward: All users will receive TRX proportionally from the 95,000TRX pool. 4 entries are required!

Supreme Finance TRX Airdrop End: February 16th GMT +9, 2022

Supreme Finance TRX Airdrop Winners Announcement: February 23rd, 2022

Supreme Finance TRX Distribution: March 2nd 2022

TRX Contract Address:


How to join Supreme Finance TRX Airdrop Program?


1. Click the Supreme Finance TRX participation link to join

2. Then follow their tasks means Join their Telegram group/channel

3. Follow their Twitter handle, retweet pinned post

4. Tyep name, e-mail and TRON address from TRUST Wallet(Open Trust Wallet. search Tron from top right corner option> click copy> send to the Bot) on the form

5. That’s it. Join Our Official Telegram Channel for distribution updates.

6. Now copy your referral link & share it with your friends to increase your points. (You can share this tutorial post with your referral link)


*Most important:

1st) Don’t send money/crypto to claim any airdrop.

2nd) Don’t send/submit Seed Phrase/Private key to claim any airdrop. if any company claims this information from you they are 100% scammer.


Project Official Info: 

1. Supreme Finance Official Website:

2. Supreme Finance BscScan: Click Here

3. Blog: Click Here

4. Supreme Finance PancakeSwap: Click Here  

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