Phemex Exchange Giveaway 2021: Win $73,000 worth of Solana coin

Hello guys, a new phemex exchange giveaway is here. The crypto exchange phemex is giving away $73,000 worth of SOL to celebrate the launch of SOL to their spot trading platform.

The mega giveaway of the leading exchange is live with three different ways to enter.

The first one is a lucky draw, the second deposit and the third one is trading.

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Phemex Exchange Giveaway 2021

Phemex Exchange Giveaway

How to participate in the phemex exchange giveaway?



There are 3 different type of giveaway is ready to join, To participate the phemex grab a coin giveaway you need to create an account on phemex exchange


Go to the gleam page and complete all tasks like

  • Follow Phemex on Twitter
  • Retweet this event’s Tweet
  • Answer the Question “How did you find out about this campaign?
  • Join Phemex on Telegram
  • Subscribe to the Phemex YouTube channel
  • Follow Phemex on Instagram
  • Download the Phemex app
  • Like Phemex on Facebook
  • Follow Phemex on TikTok
  • Follow Jack on Twitter


That’s enough to enter the lucky draw. Now copy your referral link and share it with your friends to increase your chance of winning.


The second method is dependent on the size of the deposit. It’s part of a $50,000 total prize pool in SOL!
The number of SOLs you can win is determined as follows:
Individual net deposit/total deposit of all players * total prize pool = amount of SOL you earn


Trading volume is the third and last way to win. During the campaign, all players will be rated based on their trading volume. You’ll earn a substantial sum of SOL if you finish in the top 10 at the end of the campaign period.

Read more details here

Prize Details:

Total prize pool worth $73,000 of SOL

Prize Pool 1: $3,000 (Lucky Draw)

Prize Pool 2: $50,000 (Deposit Volume)

Prize Pool 3: $20,000 (Trading Volume)

Phemex Grab A Coin FAQ:

Can I enter the phemex giveaway with multiple accounts?

Only one account per user is allowed to participate. All offending accounts will be disqualified if we detect multiple accounts with the same IP addresses or UIDs.

Is the Phemex account required to enter the giveaway?

Yes. You have to provide the phemex UID.

Hope you win this phemex exchange giveaway. All the best. And don’t forget to join our telegram channel for the latest airdrops.

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