OZC Airdrop Program – $10 instant in OZC airdrop wallet

Hello Guys Hi,  join this awesome new OZC Airdrop Program. Latest OZC smart chain airdrops is here.

About OZC Smart Chain — OZC is a new generation Blockchain platform operating by O-DPoS (Open – Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm with the ability to scale many secondary Master Node clusters synchronized with 1 central Master Node cluster, helping to fast and low-cost transaction processing.

In theory, OZC can handle more than 1 million transactions per second and is scalable to infinity.

OZC Airdrop Program

OZC Airdrop Program

Total Reward: $10 in OZC airdrop wallet

Referral Bonus: $0.5 in OZC airdrop wallet

Special Note: 2 referral must to buy ICO

OZC Airdrop & ICO End: January, 2022

OZC Distribution: After ICO End

OZC Smart Contract Address: Not released yet

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How to join OZC Airdrop Program?



1. First of all Join Our official Telegram Channel

2. Then click here to join the airdrop

3. Create an account with an e-mail

4. Verify e-mail

5. Login to the site again & check $10 added to your airdrop wallet

7. Now Update your profile details

8. Click on Menu, then BUY ICO then buy the first one worth $10

9. Now you will receive 20 OZC tokens on your OZC wallet

10. Then copy your referral link and share it with your friends, you will get $0.50 per refer

11. You have to wait till the ICO end & distribution(Keep updated on our Telegram channel)

*Most important:

1st) Don’t send money/crypto to claim any airdrop. 2nd) Don’t send/submit Seed Phrase/Private key to claim any airdrop. if any company claims this information from you they are 100% scammer.

OZC Project Official Info: 

1. OZC Official Website: https://www.ozc.org/

2. OZC BscScan: Click Here

3. Blog: Click Here

4. OZC PancakeSwap: 

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