Natto Swap Airdrop Program – Joining Reward: 40,000 NTO

Natto Swap Airdrop Program, New NTC airdrop, Latest Natto Swap airdrop July 2021. new airdrop cryptocurrencies Natto Swap. ‘Natto Swap (NTO) is a decentralized ecosystem providing Defi services including Defi Swap, Farming/ Staking, Liquidity, NFT Marketplace, which operates on Binance Smart Chain’

Natto Swap Airdrop Program

 Joining Reward: 40,000 NTO

Referral Bonus: 10,000 NTO

Natto Swap Airdrop End Date: 20 July, 2021

Natto Swap Distribution Starts: 1 August, 2021

Natto Swap Smart Contract Address: 

How to join Natto Swap Airdrop Program?


1. First of all Join Our official Telegram Channel then, click here

2. Click JOIN HERE to join airdrop Telegram Bot

3. Answer some easy calculations given by Bot(Like 32+35=?)

4. Then follow their tasks means Join their Telegram group/channel

5. Follow their Twitter handle, retweet pinned post

6. Then send your BSC address from TRUST Wallet(Open Trust Wallet. search Smart Chain from top right corner option> click copy> send to the Bot)

7. That’s it.

8. Now copy your referral link & share it with your friends to increase your points. (You can share this tutorial post with your referral link)  

*Most important:

1st) Don’t send money/crypto to claim any airdrop.

2nd) Don’t send/submit Seed Phrase/Private key to claim any airdrop. if any company claims this information from you they are 100% scammer.  

Important Links: 

1. Official Website:

2. BscScan: Click Here

3. Blog: Click Here

4. PancakeSwap: Click Here


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