HyperPay Wallet Airdrop : Reward 1,000,000 HBT + $1000 Staking Bonus + Spin & Draw

HyperPay Wallet Airdrop is the new year bonus for its user for 1,000,000 #HBT to 1000 lucky users!

HyperPay is a crypto wallet like trust wallet or metamask, where you can store your purchased cryptocurrency. HyperPay wallet is an easy-to-use, multi-crypto and secure crypto wallet that makes it easy to buy, store, receive and transfer over multiple cryptocurrencies.

In the new year’s resolution Hyperpay & HyperBc decided to airdrop 1,000,000 #HBT to 1000 lucky users!

Additionally, they have many more offers to choose from their wallet.

So lets jump to offers and steps to participate in their giveaway.

HyperPay Wallet Airdrop : Reward 1,000,000 HBT

HyperPay Wallet Airdrop


1. Fisrt of all download HyperPay Wallet

2. Register with your e-mail id, and verify

3. Now go to the create wallet section from middle top(see image)

HyperPay Wallet Airdrop

4. Create On-Chain multi wallet, (keep secure yout seed phrase)

5. Next complete social tasks

6. Now got to this FORM and fill with you registered Hyperpay Wallet e-mail id, your twitter username, telegram username and telegram group joining screenshots

7. The giveaway is for 1000 lucky winners, At the moment, there are only a few users who have joined the airdrop. So join fast and also join our Telegram Channel for stay update

HyperPay Wallet $1000 Staking Bonus

For new users HyperPay giving a $1000 staking bonus to stake and get reward.

If the interest for this staing period is 10%, so for 3 days we can expect approx $7 to $9 profit.

How to get the free bonus?

  1. Go to the FREE BONUS section from the home page(See image)
HyperPay Wallet Airdrop

2. Now collect the free bonus and click Use now to stake

HyperPay Wallet Airdrop Free Bonus

3. The period for stake is 3 days, so come back after 3 days to see reward.

3rd Offer Spin & Draw

1. Now again back to the Home page, and Click MINE from bottom right

2. Then click DRAW to see the below window(See image)

HyperPay Wallet Airdrop Free Bonus

3. Now spin and check for rewards, refer your friends to earn more chance to draw.

That’s It. Enjoy.

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