BSC Learn And Earn Quiz Round 4 now started – Join Free to Win Rewards

BSC Learn And Earn Quiz round 4 is now live. Join the Binance smart chain quiz to get a chance to win a share of the $6000 token and a special NFT.

Round 4 for the BSC learn & earn quiz is the last and final round which will be closed on August 30 at 00:00 UTC.

To participate in the Binance smart chain learn and earn program you have to complete a few simple tasks and answer some easy questions.

The maximum score you gain will be an equal chance to your winning rate, so please choose your answer carefully.

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BSC Learn And Earn Quiz Round 4

BSC Learn And Earn Quiz
BSC Learn And Earn Quiz

BSC Round 4 Total Rewards: $6000 worth token + Special NFTs

Total Winners: 150

End Date: August 30, 2021

Distribution Starts: After End

Special Note: Token rewards will be distributed by respective projects and deposited to the winner’s BEP20-compatible address provided in the form/quiz within seven days of the competition’s conclusion, no later than September 7th.

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How to participate in the BSC Learn and Earn Giveaway?



First, go to the BSC quiz participation link


Then follow all these 5 Twitter handles & telegram channels

-Wault Finance:

-Wault Finance:


Type your Binance registered e-mail id, Twitter @username, telegram @username


And then answer these questions(check correct answers below)

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BSC Learn and Earn Quiz Answers

The position of the Question Nos. may change. Please take a look on this.

Q. $FARA can be used for, but not limited to:

Ans: All of the above

Q. How many kinds of languages does YooShi official website support?

Ans: 17

Q. Which races are included in the N Mystery Boxes on Binance Marketplace event on August 17th? (Faraland)

Ans: Human, Orc, Fairy & Elf

Q. What’s the name of YooShi NFT wallet?

Ans: ImYooShi

Q. Which token must you lock to participate in Wault Launchpad?


Q. As a leveraged yield farmer on Alpaca Finance, what are your sources of yield?

Ans: All of the above

Q. What’s the maximum leverage you can open a farming position on Alpaca?

Ans: 6x

Q. How many tokens are there in the Wault Finance ecosystem?

Ans: 2

Q. How many security audits has Alpaca had?

Ans: 11

Q. How do you create a WLP token?

Ans: Provide liquidity for a token pair

Q. As a lender, which one of these does your yield come from?

Ans: Interest paid by borrowers to open leveraged yield farming positions and ALPACA incentive rewards

Q. How many audits does Wault Finance have?

Ans: 11

Q. What is YooShi Metaverse?

Ans: YooShi’s Metaverse = NFTs + GameFi Launchpad + YooShi IP Creative + Charity

Q. What kind of game is coming out this quarter? (Faraland)

Ans: Dialog choices – text game

Q. Which one is not the method to raise the floor price of a NFT hero? (Faraland)

Ans: Winning a ranked match with another player

Q. How many kinds of NFTs in YooShi Family NFT?

Ans: 5

Q. How is the upcoming expedition game different from the combat version in December? (Faraland)

Ans: All of the above

Q. What is YooShi GamePad (GameFi launchpad)?

Ans: YooShi GamePad is the first NFT-based gaming IDO platform on BSC, allowing gaming developers to raise funds by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFT.

Q. What is ibALPACA?

Ans: It’s an interest-bearing token representing a share of ALPACA in a specific lending vault

Q. In which range is the number of ALPACA tokens that have been burned?

Ans: 2.5m+

Q. What happens when WUSD is redeemed?

Ans: The WUSD is split into 90% usdt and 10% WEX, then the USDT portion is sold for WEX

Q. What portion of the trading fees for WaultSwap BSC are used to burn wex

Ans: .06 of a .20% fee

Q. “How many elemental types of hero are there in total? (Hint: “types” as in Fire, Water, Ice, etc).Which types are strong against Ice?”

Ans: 8 types. Fire & Thunder are strong against Ice.

Q. What’s the unique feature of YooShi NFT auction market?

Ans: Bidding participants will earn commissions from the 10% premium over the previous bid.

Terms & Conditions for BSC Quiz:

  1. The competition will only be open to users who meet all of the requirements.
  2. By participating, the user agrees that the token winnings will be distributed at random.
  3. Individuals are only allowed to enter one competition at a time.
  4. The main campaign prizes are given out based on the final quiz’s highest score. If there are more than 150 people who complete the quiz with a perfect score, the prizes will be distributed to 150 winners at random.
  5. Token rewards will be distributed by respective projects and deposited to the winner’s BEP20-compatible address provided in the form/quiz within seven days of the competition’s conclusion, no later than September 7th.

BSC Learn and Earn Quiz FAQ:

  1. Is the BSC Learn & Earn Round 4 for all participants?

    No. The winners are limited to 150

  2. What is the end date of the round 4 quizzes?

    30th August 2021 00:00 UTC

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