New Binance Mystery Box NFT Raffle Ticket Quiz Answers

Hi Guys, in the New Binance Mystery Box NFT Raffle Ticket Quiz, you have a chance to receive a ticket to the Raffle.

In the campaign Show your NFT knowledge and stand a chance to win the mystery boxes they are giving away!

This promo is open to all new and existing Binance users.

Promotion Period: April 7, 2022 0:00 AM WAT to April 10, 2022 11:59 PM WAT

How to Win:
Answer correctly to the Quiz below to receive a ticket to the Raffle.

Mystery Box

How to participate in the New Binance Mystery Box NFT Raffle Ticket Quiz?

Binance Mystery Box NFT Raffle Ticket Quiz Answers

Q1. What are Music NFTs? *

Ans: A certificate of ownership of unique audio or a musical piece that can be bought or sold.

Q2. What are the benefits of Music NFTs? *

Ans: Music NFTs give artists complete ownership of their creations and allow musicians to generate additional revenue streams from their music.

Q3. How are NFT Avatars created? *

Ans: Each NFT Avatar is individually unique and generated by an algorithm with different traits in clothing, accessories, hairstyles, facial expressions, and more.

Q4. Why are NFT Avatars popular? *

Ans: They are popular because they hold intrinsic value as a form of digital identity, investment, and provider of community perks

Q5. What’s The Connection Between The Metaverse And NFT Avatars? *

Ans: In the metaverse, there will be shared virtual worlds across different industries in which people can interact as 2D or 3D avatars.

Q6. What is the utility of AR and VR NFTs? 

Ans: Bridge the gap between the traditional creator economy and Web 3.0 in the realm of art, gaming, and e-commerce

Q7. What are NFT Photos? *

Ans: A picture that a photographer uploads to the blockchain

Q8. What are the benefits of NFT Photography? *

Ans: NFT photography protects copyright, provides royalty incentives from someone reselling their work on the secondary market, and reduces costs by removing the middlemen.

Q9. What type of NFTs can I find in Binance NFT’s Mystery Boxes? *

Ans: Binance NFT Mystery Boxes can range from artworks, virtual lands to collectibles, and many more!

Q10. What are some risks associated with the different types of NFT projects? *

Ans: Risks include fake marketplaces, fake giveaways, counterfeit NFTs, and pump and dump schemes

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