Binance Month End Quiz Answers for April 2022

Binance Month End Quiz Answers for April have arrived on the platform. Please keep a close distance with RT Airdrops.

All correct answers for Binance’s Month End Quiz for each month can be found here.

They’re giving away 300 Mystery Boxes to thank you for being a true Binancian!

Simply read the blog articles published this month and respond to the questions related to each article.

Remember, you must correctly answer ALL questions in order to be eligible to win the Mystery Box. (Each user is limited to one draw.)

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The quiz will be available from April 29 at 7 a.m. (UTC) to May 2 at 7 a.m. (UTC)

Binance Month End Quiz Answers

Binance Month End Quiz Answers for April 2022

Fill out this FORM with your Binance UID and the correct answers.

Q1. What You Need To Know Before Gifting An NFT?*

Ans: All the above

Q2. Why is ceiling price an important NFT evaluation metric?

Ans: NFT with high ceiling price as usually the rarest and most popular digital assets

Q3. What are NFT Photos?

Ans: An NFT photo is a picture that a photographer uploads to the blockchain

Q4. What are the Use Cases For An NFT Domain?

Ans: Content Creation

Q5. From Article 5 – What Upgrades can you find on the Binance NFT Marketplace for the March & April Implementation?

Ans: Make Offers for NFTs and Mystery Boxes

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